Monday, 19 December 2011

Drawings from my Art Journal

To see the floating woman, you should click on her.

My newest art journal is also my plainest. All it has in it are drawings and writing. No painted backgrounds, no collage, no sewing, no added bits.
I am a little self-conscious about its unadorned look. Does it still qualify as an art journal?

What is the difference between an art journal and a sketch book?


susan christensen said...

Oh I love your floating woman, Zom. I guess for me the difference between my artjournal and my sketchbook is that my journal (which, as you know, is quite un-adorned) is for drawing my inner stories and my sketchbook is a problem solving, thinking with my drawing hand tool in the studio.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Merry Christmas from Newark,Ohio to your beautiful Aussie rainforest! Beautiful sketches lady! Peace, Mary Helen

Ricë said...

I love her, too, Zom. I'm almost glad I can't draw--if I could draw as well as you do, in a journal, I'd never do anything else. I'd draw clothes instead of trying to make them. I'd be happy, but I'd have a boring wardrobe. So see? It's good I'm so lame at drawing, after all! I love the bird woman, too, but want to take colored pencils to her and her friend~~you should make a coloring book for grown-ups. I'd LOVE to have a copy~~

Diane said...

Hi, first time here. Loving the plain look of the unadorned lady.

To me the difference is a sketchbook is to sketch whatever just pops into your head and run ideas... an art journal is to express emotions or what youre feeling through words or drawings.