Thursday, 22 December 2011

More Patches - Refashioning Projects of the Moment

Here are the refashioning projects I am working on at the moment. I am enjoying personalising thrifted clothing with hand drawn patches.

Above is a sleeveless denim shirt that I thrifted in the U.S.. Do you think the patch is going to work on the back? I am planning to add embroidery as well. Suggestions are always welcome.
I drew her with a fabric pen and then painted her with acrylic paints combined with fabric painting medium. If you want more details go here.

My other project started out as this t-shirt dress below. I found it at a garage sale, in pretty good condition. I wouldn't wear a t-shirt dress, and especially not a short one.
I cut the sleeves off and hemmed them. I also cut off the length to make it into a t-shirt.
I sewed it by hand because I can't get my machine to sew knits very well. I also enjoy the hand-sewing.
I don't think I have shown you the frog patch before. I drew him a while ago, and then painted him in with crayola fabric pens after I knew I was going to put him on this shirt.
I am putting some coloured embroidery in the running stitch around the arms. I want to do something to the neckline too. I want it to have some more spots of pink and orange, and maybe green.


lilasvb said...

great idear

Kel said...

the reincarnation of the tshirt dress is quite something
love the little sleeve embellishment anchoring it with the frog

Ricë said...

Love what you're doing--love the patches. I think what you might want to think about, as an artist, is this: how can you integrate the patch with the garment, blurring the line of demarcation between the two? What kind of stitching will make them flow together so the patch becomes a part of the whole, rather than something stuck on? This is always the challenge for me, and it's one I enjoy. Adding similar stitching (around the sleeves, as you're doing), is one way. Adding other patches (w/o drawing, just of the same fabric) to other parts of the shirt is another. Picking up the color of the frog and adding that somewhere else--you want the eye to see it as a whole piece, rather than one thing with something else tacked on.

At least that's my experience. You may not see it the same way--or it may not be important to your eye.

Zom said...

Kel, I am going to do more of the embellishment. Otherwise, like Ricë points out, the patch just kind of floats there.

Ricë, I think integration is what I am challenged by at the moment. It is something I admire in your art clothing, so I am happy to be inspired by your ideas. :)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I would like to see more than one patch...with maybe a message obvious or not so obvious fro others to enjoy. Merry Christmas, Mary Helen

Zom said...

I am not quite sure I follow Mary Helen. Maybe a patch with something written on it? Is that what you are saying?
I am starting to think of patches that could be like art journaling patches, with words and pictures both and separately.

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

I really like this art-patch idea. Adding other patches, or lettering would be fun as well, and tie in the colors.

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

You know, it going back to your most recent post, maybe you could add some of your personal code to the shirt?

Zom said...

Ooh Sharon, interesting idea.