Friday, 16 December 2011

You Just Never Know

It was my ugliest background in my ugly art journal. I didn't touch it for at least 6 months. The rest of the journal progressed, but not these pages. Every time I went past I would wince at their ugliness.
Then suddenly one day it just went ahead. I had some collage I wanted to put down and the colours went with this background. Later we were doing stitching in our journals in class and the stitching came through. A bit later the writing. Now this spread makes me smile when I go past.

You just never know.


Daisy Yellow said...

Zom, I like the idea of whizzing past our journal pages, smiling at them as they go by. But seriously - I've had good experiences with trying to improve pages I dislike ~ it's often really about adding layers {not necessarily gesso} to keep letting the page evolve.

Kel said...

ah yes
journal pages can be a little bit like life, an evolving process