Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More Drawings in my Art Journal

I had a sudden impulse to draw Rapunzel yesterday. I think she ended up older than in the fairytale, maybe the wicked witch died and the prince wasn't up to her expectations - or couldn't commit, haha. Anyway, she looks happy enough.
Her braid goes off the bottom of the page.
(Click on the drawing to see it larger.)

Here was the initial penciling-in for the second drawing. Yes, I draw it in pencil first -not every detail, but the basic proportions and placement. Then I come in with pen and watercolour and usually more pen over the top.
I am not sure what her story is. I just liked those sleeves, and I have such a thing for red hair. I am pleased with her face.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Zom please note that Rapunzel is a very happy princess in my three year old grand daughter Morgan. The longer the braid the better...and red hair is stunning...who needs a prince who cannot commit? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

susan christensen said...

Yes, her face has great expression! I am a fan of those sleeves, too. -sus

Teddi said...

i like your art style!