Monday, 20 February 2012

An Experiment in Progress, Coloured Pencil on wood

Lately I have been drawing on wood and I love it. I have been doing some paintings with pen and acrylic (I wanted to finish one before I show you, soon...)

Then a few days ago I saw where someone had used coloured pencil on wood, and I thought I would try that. I was under the impression that you had to use oil pencils rather than regular wax coloured pencils, so I bought a Pablo pencil at my local art store. But it turned out that my regular Prismacolors and my Derwent Drawing pencils worked as well.

The light washes are acrylic paint. She is far from finished, I just wanted to share the beginning with you .


Laura Farrow said...

beautiful and subtle, and love seeing the wood grain.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you for sharing this process...I never had drawn or painted on wood but this image is so sweet and has a grace all on its own. I am having trouble with these codes at the end of my comments. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez stewart

Zom said...

Thanks Laura, it could change quite a bit before I am through.

Mary Helen, I am having the same trouble on other blogger sites. When I had no codes I had trouble with spam. Thank you for telling me.

Ricë said...

I've used colored pencil on wood before with wonderful results. This is lovely~~

susan christensen said...

Really intriguing, Zom - I like your bees - mysterious. -sus