Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Oh S**t

I am always trying new stuff. That is one of the things that makes creativity endlessly fascinating, right?

But it doesn't always work out. 
I began drawing out a new piece a few days ago. I was drawing in pencil and then I put down some pen. But the wood was bare, I hadn't prepared it in any way, and the pen wasn't giving me the clean line I wanted. I assumed that was because the wood was too absorbent, so I decided to put acrylic matt medium over the whole thing.

Oops. When I painted the medium over the top the pen line fuzzed out. The Faber Castell Pitt pen is supposed to be waterproof. Perhaps I didn't let it dry long enough. Perhaps it is waterproof but not matt medium proof. Anyway this is what happened. 

A rather big deal and totally not okay. I don't want to paint over the wood, but I can't leave the lines like that. There is no way to erase permanent ink, even without the matt medium (that stuff is basically glue) on top. Yikes. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Win a Free Place in the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop!

Here is your chance to win a spot in an amazing art journaling adventure. 21 workshops contained in one playground: from stretching your imagination in an Alternative Life, to Taming the Critic, to the Art of Texture, Mandalas, Going with the Flow, Wordplay plus 15 more workshops by 21 teachers - all included in the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop.

If you have ever wanted to jump into art journaling, here is your chance. Newbie or experienced, there are going to be amazing techniques to learn and journeys to travel. It is cheap at $59, but as one of the teachers I have the opportunity to give away a place for free!

Here is the official description:

21 SECRETS is an online, self guided, Art Journaling workshop that runs for a total of nine months where Art Journalers receive the opportunity to dive into different techniques, methods, and approaches to Art Journaling from a family of diverse, passionate, professional Artists. Each participant is able to choose which order of the 21 classes they take and have an active online community to share and grow with. All information including, pdf's, videos, and supportive text and photos are always available and teachers are present in a timely fashion to answer questions and share their comments.
The workshop opens April 1st. This draw will be open until the 31st of March when I will draw the winner (that is the 1st April in Australia). You will be able to jump into the classes the following day! To find out more, or to sign up go here.

Here is how to enter for a chance at getting in free:
You get 1 entry for leaving a comment on this post.
+1 for sharing it on Facebook (please give me the link in your comment)
+1 for liking my Facebook page and commenting there
+1 for sharing this on your blog (please give me a link in your comment)

That is up to 4 entries! Good luck.

Each of the teachers has an affiliate link and gets a part of the registration fee, this is how we get paid. I would be very grateful if you click my link while you are on my blog if you consider signing up.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

how Strong can you Be?

how Strong can you Be?
pen and acrylic on wood
30cm x 25cm

What do you think her story is? I would love to hear.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Writing Prompts in Art Journaling, a Video

Phew, I think I have finally finished everything for my class, Alternative Lives, in the 21 Secrets Workshop. It is all about art journaling. I think I went completely overboard, more videos than was asked for. Well, at least everyone should get their money's worth.

I did decide to take one video out of the workshop and post it here, for free. In the video I am talking about writing prompts and how I use them in art journaling. I hope you get something from it. xx

Also, coming soon is a giveaway for the 21 Secrets Workshop. Connie has generously given me one place free to give to you! Keep your eyes on this blog!

If you want to read my post about the 21 Secrets Workshop go here.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Monday, 5 March 2012

Bee Girl is Finished

I finished Bee Girl a few days ago. If you want to see her beginnings, go here.

She is coloured pencil and acrylic on wood.

I wonder what her story is?