Sunday, 25 March 2012

how Strong can you Be?

how Strong can you Be?
pen and acrylic on wood
30cm x 25cm

What do you think her story is? I would love to hear.


Laura Farrow said...

she has just untangled herself from the vine that binds.

Judy Shreve said...

rebirth - such confidence in her face!

lissa said...

her story? she is a wanderer and a dreamer, someone who knows she is free and free to do what she likes. perhaps she tries to give that freedom to everyone she meets. perhaps she not only wanders but also dreams of traveling to some distance land to find the peace everyone seeks but lacks. perhaps it's all a ruse. perhaps she is trapped in the everyday like everyone else. but perhaps she doesn't feel it or shows it. perhaps she thinks with her heart and not her head.

it's just some rambling of thoughts but there they are. hope you have a lovely day.

Zom said...

I love to hear your stories.

Kel said...

perhaps she is learning to break free from the 'ties that bind'- the things in her past which hold her back and stop her speaking her truth
perhaps she is strong enough now
the tilt of her chin suggests she may be

morningDove said...

her amazement of the beauty of the garden next door draws her each morning to gaze and enjoy the old man's tinkering in his garden. it fascinates her to watch his wrinkled, arthritic hands dig into the dirt and bring to life such beauty.
he is also smitten with her enchantment of his garden and notices the wonderment of her facial expressions as she sunbathes drawing in all the warmth of the day. as she drinks in the rays of sun she prays her breast cancer will be dissolved and her faith lifted to a new height of delight.