Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Confession and Public Apology

I have had the same profile picture for the four years I have been writing my blog - Pippi Longstocking. She is my hero and kind of a alternate personality for me. The truth is, when I began writing my blog I used a fake name. I was a bit scared of the internet and it felt 'safer'. I let that go years ago, yet kept Pippi as my picture.

Now older and wiser and sensitive to issues of copyright, both moral and legal, I am embarrassed to have kept someone else's drawing on my blog representing me for so long. It is a beautiful image, one that really captures Pippi Longstocking's personality.  I don't know who created that computer image of Pippi that I have been using, but I want to offer them a public apology.

I am sorry that I used your art without your permission and without giving you credit. I still don't know who you are so I am unable to correct the latter, but I can stop using the image. As a fellow artist, I should have known better.

Here is the painting my new profile picture is from. Why would I ever have done anything else?


Ricë said...

Excellent question: for someone who can create images as gorgeous as yours, surely nothing else would be as good a representation. I love this new one. I love the muscles in her forearms.

Zom said...

I think it comes down to lack of confidence. It is hard to feel 'good enough'.
I am glad you like her :).

ZenDotStudio said...

I think we all do things that later we wonder, "why did I do that?" The neat thing is when we wake up and do something that feels better to us, just like you've done here.

I think it's lovely that you've tossed an apology out into the universe. And I think it speaks to your integrity personally and to what we are all capable of, in may different situations.

Thanks for sharing this with us. We can now feel less alone in thinking of those things we've done and regret and you offer us the opportunity to do something different!

And feel good about what you've done now, not bad about what you've done in the past!

And your painting is beautiful!

amy said...


this is so beautiful.

you are an amazing painter. i so so admire your work.


Zom said...

ZenDot (i love the way that sounds), thank you. I love the last sentence of what you wrote: "And feel good about what you have done now, not bad about what you've done in the past."
That is beautiful.

Thanks Amy, I am touched.

Kel said...

of course!
lovely profile painting :-)

susan christensen said...

Gosh, such a beautiful profile image and ALL YOU!! I continue to admire your honest expression, Zom, You rock. xxooo, sus

Caterina Giglio said...

wow, you are amazing... so honestly vulnerable and open ... and talented AND your new profile pic is perfect... xx

Cheryl Razmus said...

Zom, I am so glad that I commented on Rice's blog the other day and that you came to look at mine. Just spending a few minutes here has been a delight and I see something very deep and special in what you share. I plan to follow (and do some looking back when I find a little time.)