Sunday, 6 May 2012

I Didn't Think About it Enough

I haven't done any refashioning for ages. What I miss most is the hand-stitching. I wish I had some projects waiting for me, ready to hand stitch that I could pick up whenever the urge hit me.

As we are heading into the cold weather in Australia, first I had to resort my refashion projects. I had out all my summer inspiration, but there is little use in me working on the hot weather pile. Here are the new cool weather possibilities.

I did manage to tidy it up later.

The most obvious place to start was a thrift jean jacket I started ages ago. I was embroidering jacobean flowers on the yoke. This is where I stopped. It needs more leaves and bits.

I think it looks nice and all that, it was just looking too... embroidered flowers for me. What did I expect? I wanted to grunge it up or something. Make it less normal?

 I thought maybe a change of medium would help. Subject change might help too, but I can't go to putting on a rat or something, it would just look weird. But what about some stencilled flowers? I was kind of thinking stencilled like street art. But I didn't want to use spray paint. I hate spray paint.

In Ricë's latest blog post she is using freezer paper for stencilling. I hadn't tried it before so I googled it. Easy. You just cut it out and iron it on. Sweet.
I don't have any textile paint, but I have this GAC-900. You mix it one part with one part acrylic paint and it makes the final image softer and less plasticy. I have only used it once before, on a white fabric patch.

At this point it is not working so well. It isn't covering the denim. I have to use a lot of paint. I decide to paint white first under the flowers, hoping that will make the colour show a bit more. 

That seems better. I mixed some titanium white into the green as well.

Okay, here it is finished. Kind of. The painting is finished and I am pleased with how it came out, but...
I was imagining street art grunge, it is more like stencilled folk. How can I grunge it up? It is all too tame. I feel annoyed at myself. I went into embellishing this jacket without really thinking about it. It is kind of an 80's throwback.

Do I give up and start over on another jacket, or do I keep going?


Ricë said...

First thing to do is to find images of the kind of look you're going for. Hunt for some things you like and then compare them. What is it you like? Raw edges? Rips and tears? Bold colors? Different images? What is it that attracts you? List those elements and then come back to the jacket.

lilasvb said...

i also love to play with clothes, such a great way to make them fresh again

Judy Shreve said...

Could you lightly sand the flowers - removing some of the paint and then mix some colors with acrylic glazing medium - such as Van Dyke Brown, Transparent RIO or any of the darker translucent colors. Mix like a wash and add to the flowers. Make them look more antique. You can even glaze with the colors you used originally to give it a more worn look.

Laura Farrow said...

You're right... it's too clean. Scrub it with a wire brush.. put some bleach splots... mess it up! What it needs is distress.

Lynda said...

I think you've got a great start but keep going! Can't wait to see how you finish it.

Jeanie Thorn said...

I agree with the above. It needs distressing…sand paper the denim and stenciled flowers and the embroidered areas to wear them down, even breaking the stitching. Then rip off the bottom hem letting the ends fray and spattering it with paint or use it as a drop cloth under your easel…you may love it or hate it but then you’ll know if it’s a direction you want to go in the future. Treat it like you would your journal pages which are beautiful and so full of your personality.

Zom said...

Gee, I am impressed by everyone's ideas. Thanks so much for the input. I never would have thought of going the distressed direction, but I can see how it might work.

I will post again when I have done more.

Jeanie Thorn said...

Ok I’ve reread what you wrote and thought about this some more. You said you wanted it to be more “grunge” and less “normal” but you put a question mark after normal. Is this really what you want? Ricë probably has the best advice. Start looking at images you like and figure out why you like them. There are people whose style I really like but could never wear myself. If you do distress the jacket will you be happy with it? Does it fit your personality or is it something you admire on other people? I have questioned this about many things in my life and Ricë (she’s fabulous isn’t she) has blogged about it…you know “clothing for that *other* life”. Anyway, I didn’t want you take to my drastic advice above and regret it.

Zom said...

Jeanie, I think you make some good points. I am not sure if I do feel comfortable wearing 'grunge' but I do like it.
But finally, I asked for input and it has sparked new thinking which I always like. That is where you and others' responsibility ends. If I make something I don't like, it is my own fault! lol