Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Remember the Denim Jacket?

Remember the denim jacket I was trying to embellish? I didn't think about it enough beforehand, I jumped in with flowers and it was turning into a crafty flower refashion. I was not loving it.
The original post of how it began is here.

Ricë gave me some good advice, she said "the problem is not that you don't know what to do; it's that you don't know what you want it to look like; i.e., you don't know where you're going, what style, what finished look." She was absolutely right.

So I began looking on the internet and in my Evernote notes for a direction. I wanted it less matchy, crafty, tole painting.

Jeanie suggested I get out the sandpaper, rip off the bottom hem and put it under my easel as a drop cloth. I thought that was pretty cool, though I felt like a bit of a wimp knowing I wouldn't do it.

Anyway, after some ruminating I added a flower from a thrifted blouse and a rectangle of cloth from a very old bed sheet I had in the studio for rags. (Maybe that kind of counts towards the drop cloth idea Jeanie?)
 I was liking it better. 

 My partner didn't like the patch on the arm. I knew what he meant, it was out of proportion with the bitsier stuff happening on the back. But I like the geometric shape contrasting with the organic ones, I feel it makes it all more random. I am hoping I can bring in other elements that will make it less discordant.

Now I feel like I know my direction. A jumble of flowers thrown on. Related in colour, but from different sources and styles.
I add another flower from the shirt and place it to hang into the stencilled area. I put another patch on the other arm, making sure they don't match. I am getting excited now. I have brought in some hand embroidery around the edges for looks but also because I don't trust the adhesive to keep the appliqué on.

Finally I cut another flower from the bed sheet. This time a big cabbage rose. I hang it from the shoulder seam as if it is growing over from the back.

I might keep going with it. Maybe, maybe not. I will wear it and see what I feel like (it is getting cold in Australia as we come into winter.)


Ricë said...

Ahhh. I like where you're going. I'd say, "Don't stop!" but you know me: more is never enough. Something like this lends itself so well to cold winter nights of hand stitching while talking, having a drink of something good, listening to a movie or a conversation.

Jeanie Thorn said...

I also like where this is going especially the free formed flower over the front shoulder. Nice. Maybe try overlapping some of the shapes.

Zom said...

Of course Jeanie! You are brilliant.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I really love the finished product and you've come up with some fantastic ideas to add onto the original embellishment. Nice job!! x

susan christensen said...

You're on a roll, Zom! Looks like FUN! -sus

Caterina Giglio said...

yes, I agree keep it up, let the flowers overtake you!

Zom said...

Thanks you guys. i continue sewing them on. The adhesive is already coming off around the edges, but I don't mind as I am enjoying the hand sewing.

Anonymous said...

I like what you've done with this jacket. And interested in what more you might do. Like an altered book page, it's always open to new additions as you discover them!