Sunday, 27 May 2012

Steal this Idea

I was ruminating out load this morning as I sautéed the lamb chops for my slow cooker. Yesterday I was at a private lesson with a student and she was said how she wished she could get the CD player in her car fixed. Her son told her "Just play the music on your iPod."But she doesn't want to spend an afternoon switching her music to her iPod, she wants to just keep on playing it on her CD player. And why not? I love new technology but sometimes I just can't be bothered. I would rather be doing something else.

What I found really upsetting was that I couldn't think of anyplace to tell her to go where she could get her CD player fixed. We know what a salesperson would say: "It is cheaper to buy a new one." But is it? If you don't just consider money but also the time to research and figure out what is now available and what you might want, then you think of the environment and how polluting it is to make the new player (can you even buy CD players?) and how the old one is now to be thrown out and how polluting that is. And you can't give it to someone else because there is no place to fix it.

So finally we get to my idea. My DH is pretty good at fixing stuff. Well, he isn't so much mechanical as he has a creative mind. I said to him this morning "What about a place that fixes stuff?" I like the idea of fixing stuff because it is in line with my values of not buying stuff and recycling. I think I also imagine it is a little like refashioning (which as I write this I realise is probably not the case.)

In my fantasy I take it a little further. I like making stuff but not fixing it. "What about if you fix the stuff and I will get a 3D printer and I can make stuff?" This is sounding more fun. Keep in mind my DH still has one eye on the paper. I am not getting a lot of enthusiasm back.

Do you know about 3D printers? They are kind of like our desktop printers except they make 3D stuff. How exciting is that!!! You put an image in via computer and they print it out in whatever material you want, ceramic, plastic, even metal in thin sheets like gluing layers of paper together.

So in this ongoing fantasy now that I have a 3D printer I can print out any parts my partner might need for his fixing. Or on second thought, he could actually print out the parts. I will use the printer to make little sculptures, which sounds much more interesting to me.

By this time my partner has completely lost interest in my idea because he "doesn't really like fixing stuff." Oh. Okay.

Anway feel free to steal my fantastic idea and I will send my friend to your place to get her CD player fixed.


Laura Farrow said...

cool!!! can't wait to see what you make with it.

Zom said...

I am afraid it is all fantasy at this point, lol.