Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What Shall it Bee?

 This is what I finished today in the studio. What is it? I mean, besides a bee.
 It began here, as a game piece in a small box that I bought at a garage sale.

I know people make jewellery pendants from dominoes, so I thought this game piece could be a good beginning base. I like that it is wood.

 I sanded off the pictures. I don't mind that they aren't completely gone, it kind of retains the story of its beginning as a humble game piece this way. This will be the back.
I begin drawing the bee on. Sorry I forgot to take in-between photos. I painted in with acrylics.

The colours in the first photo are more accurate, but I wanted you to see the size. It is small, pendant sized. Shall I glue on a jewellery bail and make it into a pendant?


Caterina Giglio said...

yes, that would be great... or you could paint bees on the rest and put them back in the box, I would think a swarm would be outstanding... : )

Laura Farrow said...

I think 'hovering' when I see your bee. patience, directed.

Kel said...

a beehive in a box would be fun :-)

Zom said...

Caterina, I think that is a truly wonderful idea. But I am afraid I haven't the patience to paint so many individual bees. I am interested in going onto other bugs.

Laura, he does have a feeling of stillness or hovering. I didn't see that.

Kel, each bee different. It would be cool.

susan christensen said...

Bee necklace - this as the focal object, with amber glass beads to taste like honey. I am in a bead-y frame of mind lately... -sus

Scarlet said...

I would love to learn how to make jewelry pendants. I think you should turn the bee into one. He's perfect!