Thursday, 21 June 2012

the Joy and Mystery of Following Creative Impulses

I am afraid my title is rather grander than what I actually have to show you. Which is... a sweater.
Wait, this is a sweater that I am very fond of. Have had for years. Probably my favourite sweater.
But it was holy. You know, full of holes. I took it out of my bag of winter clothes and said "well, you have had your day sweater. May be time to go." I had already demoted it to an at-home sweater, the only place lower is studio sweater. Then garbage. Because nobody would want my ex-studio clothes.
What the heck, I might as well google 'fixing holes in sweater'. Although these were quite large holes, and did I say there were a lot? (this is actually one of the smaller ones that I haven't sewn yet. I keep finding more.)

Anyway to shorten up this story, I decided to give it a go as we say in Australia. I got out embroidery thread that deliberately did not match (it is pinker than it looks in this shot). I decided to knot it on the outside rather than neatly on the inside. It was starting to feel more like fun and less like mending.
This is what it looks like on the inside.
And how it looks on the outside with all the loose ends from the knots. I don't know why I am posting so many pictures, it isn't that interesting.
I kind of wish the inside with all the mending stitching was the outside now.

And finally I will get to the point. Which strangely kind of relates to it not being that interesting. I titled this post 'the Joy and Mystery of Following Creative Impulses' because I do not understand why this whole exercise is giving me so much pleasure. I am mending an old sweater and it isn't turning out anything special and the whole thing is making me very happy.
And I can't wait to do some more mending on it. I am so glad I found some more holes. 
Explain that to me.


susan christensen said...

Zom, I laugh in recognition of the pleasure of doing a repetitive, soothing sewing task that is rescuing a beloved garment! Cheering you on, sus

Mary said...

There's nothing I like better than handwork. It's so soothing. And I love the connection it gives us all the way back through the ages to every women who has ever threaded a needle. Mary

PS: Fabulous color on your sweater! Easy to see why it's a favorite.

Zom said...

You are both spot on about the soothing aspect of hand stitching.
But the mystery that comes in for me is the joy because I am doing it a bit differently - and how even though it isn't very dramatic, the joy is there. It is something about creative joy that is unrelated to how successful the project is.

Ricë said...

Ah, yes. I have been where you are, exactly. I saw a photo of an artist wearing a studio sweater that she had mended obviously, meaning that the thread didn't match and the knots were on the outside, and it made me very happy. And the next time I had a sweater to mend, I chose thread that didn't match, and I wasn't persnickety about the knots, and I LOVED it. It's about making something your own, about doing it the way you feel like doing it without following The Rules of Sweater Mending, the ones you might have found by googling. It is now truly your sweater in a way it probably wasn't before. XO

Zom said...

It is Ricë. Now the buttons are bugging me, :)

Deedra said...

Ha ha I love it! I get weirdly happy about the oddest things, too, so I totally understand!

Sophie said...

Das waren eindeutig die Motten...

Furchtbar! Die legen ihre Eier am liebsten in teure Kashmir-Pullover.
Oder in Lieblings-Pullover.
Da kann ich ein Lied von singen :-(