Friday, 13 July 2012

Amazing Art, a Giant Dollhouse

I have a thing about doll houses, or dioramas, miniature stuff. Little miniature worlds. I also have a thing about abandoned buildings, photos or the real thing. Fascinating stuff. I have fantasized about combining the two and making abandoned doll houses.

Here is another take. A giant dollhouse. Artist Heather Benning found a two-story abandoned farmhouse in Sinclair, Manitoba and made it into a giant dollhouse. She rebuilt and painted the inside.
 And cut off the back wall and put in plexiglass.
 How cool is that?

If you want to read more just google Heather Benning. Or go here.


Mary said...

This is wonderful! What a marvelous concept.

My younger daughter, like you, is fascinated by miniature stuff. She likes tiny things because they make her feel like a GIANT. Mary

susan christensen said...

I think this is AMAZING, Zom. What a concept. Thank you for sharing this artist with us. -sus