Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bloodlines, an Art Journal Page

I am taking a blog holiday, so forgive me if I don't get back to your comments. I am reposting some older art journal pages that I created when I first began.
Here is an art journal page I call Bloodlines. I love the way connections can happen during art journaling without any previous intention. I will tell you what I mean.
I gessoed, then painted the pages with acrylic paint. I had no idea what was going on here, just a feeling that I wanted an olivey green.
Later I began drawing this woman. I just had the thought of a woman in 17th century dress. I looked up the clothing on the internet. I drew her on some paper that is heavy enough to carry light washes of colour. I planned on cutting her out. I painted her with watercolours and watersoluble colour pencils.

I used some decorative paper for her overdress. You just trace the shape with tracing paper, then use it as a pattern to cut out the dress. You can see the 'pattern' on the right bottom of the drawing above.
Here she is, cut out and ready to be glued down. I glued her with matt medium. You need to be generous with it for the medium to work well as a glue.
I first thought the frog would be in her hands, but then I came across this cutie frog on the internet. I printed him and cut him out. Then I drew in the well and the trees. It is all looking very fairy tale, which I like.
I drew in another tree, and then I had the impulse to add the photo of my sister. I photocopy the photos first before I use them in my art journal, for two reasons. One is that I get to keep the original photo, and second is that the photocopy paper is thinner and easier to work with.

The leaves are shapes cut out from a magazine outdoor scene. I coloured the trees and the well in with some water soluble pencils. I just wanted a hint of colour with the line drawing. I also brought a little coloured pencil over the photo to bring it into the rest of the page. Click on the picture if you want a closer look.

Now,  what I find rather strange is... the writing was something I just had lying on the desk. I liked it and just added it not thinking about whether it went with the picture. 
I love the way the subconscious works. 

Finally I added a bit of a border. I like the way it turned out.


Creatively yours Fi said...

Very cool, I love the woman...great idea:)

Lucy Chen said...

I LOVE the way it turned out. so fairy tale!

Kelly Lynn said...

I just saw on my blog that you posted (a long time ago) that I won a spot on 21 Secrets! It is probably to late to claim it, isn't it? I'm so upset with myself that I didn't see it!!! Your work is so beautiful by the way! Hugs, Kelly

Zom said...

I am sure it isn't too late Kelly. I will get a hold of Connie who runs the workshop and we will try and make that happen. You might just need a little patience.