Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the Ego and the Inner Child Duke It Out, an Art Journal Page

I am going on holiday for two months.

While I am away, I have set up a series on Wednesdays reposting some of my art journal pages from my first year of art journaling. They are laid out step by step as to how I made them. I thought these might be interesting for art journalers who want to see different approaches to art journal pages.

I hope you can read what I have written on these pages, it's pretty funny. (you can click on the picture to see it larger.) I was having an inner dialogue and who should pop in but my inner child. She is written in green.
I started these pages with black gesso, two coats. It gives a nice matt black that is easy to work on. 
Later I doodled the guy with the birdie in his hand. He really looks like an ordinary Joe doesn't he? except for the bird. I cut Joe out and glued him onto the page. He is actually wearing a tie, maybe he is some kind of accountant or something.
Then I drew in the design (which I had seen in some magazine, might have been from a piece of fabric) with my metallic gel pens. Don't you think they come out well on the black gesso?
The birds in the top left corner are cut from a magazine. The page seems to be getting a real theme. Click on the picture to see it bigger (if you can't see the birds.)
Then another bird. This one is done with a packing tape transfer. I like the grunge effect of the transfer.
As always, I didn't know why I wanted to add this writing but I decided to trust the impulse. Afterwards, it felt right
I think the little bird represents some vulnerable and precious aspect in myself, maybe the inner child. 


susan christensen said...

Enjoy your holiday, Zom. I will be catching your wednesday posts while you are away. -sus

Lucy Chen said...

You're having fun with the black gesso, aren't you, Zom? I like your writing, but I find it hard to incorporate text into my own journal.

Caterina Giglio said...

enjoy your holiday...

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Happy Holidays on your holiday! I will check on Wednesday for your delicious re-post. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart