Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Monster Art Journal Page

I am taking a blog holiday, so forgive me if I don't get back to your comments. I am reposting some older art journal pages that I created when I first began.
Here are a couple of journal pages that I was excited about when I made them. Why? Because they were an indication of where I wanted to go next with my art journal. More drawing.

I try to allow the direction of my creativity to move in terms of what makes me feel excited. Sometimes my head gets the better of me and says "no, you need to continue on this or that path because... some fear related reason. Some "should".
Following the excitement often involves facing some insecurity like 'it won't be very good' or 'I don't know how to do that'.

This started with drawing. I didn't have any idea in my head what to draw, just started with its face and continued. Then I put down a wash of watercolour in the background and some water soluble pencil on the monster and the little people. Its dress is cut out fur from a magazine photo.

These pages stayed like this for ages, maybe a month. I would just look at it and not feel any inspiration.

I think it was actually avoidance. I didn't want to jump in again. I judged the drawing as 'silly' and didn't want to continue this juvenile piece of work.
I finally pushed myself to go back to it. I drew in the tree and then the girl came in, sleeping at its roots. The last to enter was the little man feeding the snake. At this point, I was finding the drawing interesting again. 

I ripped out some sky from a magazine and glued it on the two pages. I left the words on even though I didn't know what it said.
More colour. More strengthening of darks. A dress for the young woman, cut from some pattern that I liked in a magazine.
Finally the writing. Something that had come through a while ago about how humans are able to bring things from the psychic realm into the physical realm. Pretty amazing ability that. It is,  of course, what creativity is all about.


Kel said...

Zom, this is wondrous
i love the way you show your process
it is so inspiring - thankyou
but it also shares a little bit of you and your story, which makes you more 'human' to me
this to me is the gift of true art journaling - thank you

Caatje said...

The words say literally "The homecoming of Odysseus" or "Odysseus coming home". Judging by the type I would say it comes from the Dutch magazine "Happinez", which is a magzine I use a lot for collage images. ;-)