Saturday, 22 September 2012

Back from Overseas and Back to Blogging

I am back from my overseas trip, happy to be posting in real time again. Thanks for those of you who stayed around, or came back.

I have had some intense and challenging family time in the States and am looking forward to absorbing and integrating it over time. You know how it is sometimes when so much is happening that you hardly have time to think? I realise that many people live their lives that way but I never have, always having been the introspective type. But that is how it was while I was overseas so I am looking forward to some time to contemplate and integrate.

One of my main tools for the integrating is my art journal. I did journal while overseas, I spent time everyday just writing what had happened that day. I don't have a great memory and I want to be able to recall all that happened. It was a simple journal with mostly writing and some drawings.

Now I am looking forward to something more introspective. And to do that I am starting a new art journal (yay!)

It is a shape I have never used before. I like changing shapes, A5 - (8.3" x 5.8") to A4 - (11.7" x 8.3"), landscape, portrait, and now square! They all effect composition and how I put together the page. Because these pages are square, I might be inclined to create them as two pages rather than using a spread as one composition like I usually do. I have begun some backgrounds.


Kel said...

welcome home Zom !
love the look of this square journal
the symmetry sings and i might just have to find one myself

screams specialty art store though, so will have to wait till my next trip to the big smoke

Zom said...

Hi Kel
I am trying to remember the brand, which isn't on it anywhere. It has a black cover and a tiny chicken (?) imprinted on the back if that helps. :)

Daisy Yellow said...

Glad you are back safely, Zom! I too find it interesting how the page size impacts the composition - whether I tend to build two pages together or two separate pages. Looking fwd to seeing your new journal pages.

lynne h said...

welcome home, zom... : ) xoxo

susan christensen said...

So glad you are back Zom. Your post resonates with me, as i am just on the way home from a very intense time of family, too.
I found a small (8x8") square journal at the big thrift store we went to in Seattle yesterday, and am looking forward to working in that format. Interesting what shape shifting does to ones process.
best, sus

Zom said...

Hey Sus, maybe we can do some sharing and comparing as we will both be working in the square.

Caterina Giglio said...

nice to have you back zom ... xo