Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Flowerhead and other newly finished Art Journal Pages

I have had renewed energy for my art journal since I returned from the States. I have been collaging and writing in my 'old' art journal and beginning some backgrounds in my new art journal. Here are some recently finished pages.
It might be a little strange but I finished off this art journal page with writing that I did quite a few months ago. It is a kind of writing where I ask questions and then write down whatever comes. Often I find the 'answers' helpful after months or even years later. And I find my art journal a great place to put them.

(The drawing I am referring to in the art journal page is called "Kikuyu Grass". If you want to see it go here.)
 This is a page about a repeating dream where I am exploring a specific 7 story house. In this dream I remember the house and am excited to be there again. I explore the first floor.

The woman in the transferred photo is my mother. She is talking to a neighbour girl.
Finally this page is a little embarrassing. I ran across this question in my saved quotes and realised that the answer for me is "no". I live for creativity yet it didn't even cross my mind to bring it into my social life.
Now I am fascinated by the idea.

I looked up "creative social life" on Google but there was nothing (so maybe I am not the only one.) I wrote down a few suggestions from related searches but I really think we could do better. (See how subtly I bring you into this? haha)

What do you do with your friends for fun?

By the way, the little girl is actually on the next page. She is in a cut out window.


Alison Mackay said...

Thank you for your thoughtful posts.The post about creative socialising, got me thinking. In recent years I have convinced some friends to get into the same creative thing I'm into at the time, so we can get together and DO IT! This worked well for SoulCollage days, and now I have a few friends I can invite over to do some art journaling with me.
Also over the years I have had a few friends that I can bounce creative ideas off and I really value these friendships.

Walk in the Woods said...

You offer not only some lovely pages, but also some delicious foods for thought.

I have friends that gather once a month for a spiritual discussion group … and while it's a routine, it's always fresh and delicious. Between gatherings, we reach out to ask for support when needed … pitch in to help when asked. This is probably one of the most creatively inspired gatherings I know of.

Other than that … aside from a few close friends … most social interactions are pretty predicable.

And THAT gives me pause to ponder. THANK YOU for that!

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

Not sure if this qualifies, but...A lot of my friends sew and make costumes from different periods in time. Since we live so far away from each other, and can't share our time in person, I created a Facebook site called The Time Traveler's Closet. We all post pictures of the projects we are working on, the different steps, and also post links to other sites that might interest the group. It's the closest we can come to "hanging out" with each other.