Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Time Never Exists Art Journal Page

I am taking a blog holiday, so forgive me if I don't get back to your comments. I am reposting some older art journal pages that I created when I first began.

I have 16 double-spread pages "on the go"; meaning started but not finished. How does that feel? Good! 32 pages of possibility.
These pages started with removable masking tape and black gesso. I wrote a post on this and other methods to begin pages here
I found it a little difficult to know where to go next with such a strong black and white contrast. Next time I might do it with a softer colour to have more options.
I ripped strips in a magazine picture and fit them inbetween the grids. Now it is no longer checks.

I added a photocopy of an old photo of my mom and dad together when they were young. And some words from a computer print-out. Just what I felt moved to add, there was no thinking or logic to my choices.
My childhood photo in the bottom right was photocopied onto clear acetate. So the grid reads through the photo.
The writing is from the folk song "the Drowners"  written down in the book "the Ill-made Mute" by Cecilia Dart-Thorton.
After that, I added the silver line border.

Once again, I didn't plan these pages. I just slapped down what I felt drawn to. And once again, I feel there was a message for me in the pages. A message about letting go of the past, that the past is not real. And that this is bringing the Quickening. Yippee!

Perhaps doing pages like this is kind of like dreaming. Dreams bring messages too.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I hope you are getting refreshed...but I do really miss you dear. Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Apple said...

I love your journal pages!!! :)

Zom said...

Dear Mary, thanks for missing me. :) I am back now.

Thank you Apple! I will put up some newer ones soon.