Friday, 9 November 2012

Drawing of Nasturtiums

 The inspiration. 
But just a bit too hot in the sun

So I brought it into the studio.
Flowers move, did you know that?

It looks kind of funny in black and white.


Mary said...

Your nasturtium are gorgeous and so lovely to see as we head into the dark days of winter in the north. The line drawing is lovely. It really shows the shapes and curves.

Monica said...

Your drawing is great! Well done :)

Zom said...

Mary, that is exactly what I loved about drawing it! It was so amazing to really get into all the twists and shapes.

Thank you Monica.

Violet said...

I love nasturtiums! yummy too!!!

this is a lovely drawing and I hope you post it again if you decide to paint or color it someway or another!