Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More pictures than Words

I don't have a lot to say today. My photos will have to do the speaking. 
This is a billabong (noun: a branch of a river forming a backwater or stagnant pool,made by water flowing from the main stream during a flood.) by a dear friend's place.

The beach we went to. It was windy and beautiful.
There were lots of blue bottles, a kind of jelly fish. They are small, but this one's tail was about 5 foot long. I have never been stung by one. Apparently it hurts a lot but it isn't deadly or anything.

I was inspired by the shells on this rock, but I didn't stop and draw them. In my head I used my friend as an excuse, but the truth was I didn't want the discomfort of the wind. I regret it.

We went around a corner to a protected inlet. Suddenly the entire atmosphere changed. 
Interesting oysters on the rocks. They were in a state of petrification. What causes them to turn into rock? How does that work?

I have been working in the studio. I think I have finished another painting, but I would like to give it its own post. I am hoping to write about it like I did the last one.

Also I have started experimenting with some techniques from Alabama Chanin techniques. Natalie Chanin is a woman who runs a clothing business, Alabama Chanin, where all the clothing is hand-stitched. She has been generous enough to share her techniques in books. I will take some photos if it looks half decent as I get further along. So far I am starting slow and just planning to alter a t-shirt.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Week in Photos

I got in a few days at the beach this week. This was before the heat hit and summer officially began.

One morning I was woken by the shooshing sound of a hot air balloon. I am sure they could see me in my nightie taking their photo.

All the wildlife is out and about. That includes the biggest ant I have ever seen. It was 1 1/2 inches. Yes, I measured it - but without getting too close.

I went for a change in direction with a pen drawing I had started a while back.  I liked the composition but it needed some colour. I tried some watercolour on a throwaway sheet of the same paper but it couldn't handle it and the paint splotched horribly.

So I found myself returning to a medium I haven't used much in 25 years. Coloured pencils. I am curious to see how it goes.

The wallabies have been around a lot. I think it is because it has been rather dry for this time of year. I enjoy their company.

This beach day was what I consider perfect conditions. Growing up in the  Pacific Northwest with cold oceans, I never learned to swim in the surf so I am most comfortable with small waves and no rips.

This is me. I went with a friend who prefers to take photographs rather than swim. 

And on my morning walk... a pademelon. They are kind of like small wallabies. They always seem so surprised to see me. I feel like saying 'I do live here you know'. (We have lived here for 15 years.)

And  just 10 metres down the drive from the pademelon. I almost stepped on him and he still didn't move. I had to skirt around him. He is a python so not poisonous. They are nice snakes but this time of year it is possible he could be snappy.