Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More pictures than Words

I don't have a lot to say today. My photos will have to do the speaking. 
This is a billabong (noun: a branch of a river forming a backwater or stagnant pool,made by water flowing from the main stream during a flood.) by a dear friend's place.

The beach we went to. It was windy and beautiful.
There were lots of blue bottles, a kind of jelly fish. They are small, but this one's tail was about 5 foot long. I have never been stung by one. Apparently it hurts a lot but it isn't deadly or anything.

I was inspired by the shells on this rock, but I didn't stop and draw them. In my head I used my friend as an excuse, but the truth was I didn't want the discomfort of the wind. I regret it.

We went around a corner to a protected inlet. Suddenly the entire atmosphere changed. 
Interesting oysters on the rocks. They were in a state of petrification. What causes them to turn into rock? How does that work?

I have been working in the studio. I think I have finished another painting, but I would like to give it its own post. I am hoping to write about it like I did the last one.

Also I have started experimenting with some techniques from Alabama Chanin techniques. Natalie Chanin is a woman who runs a clothing business, Alabama Chanin, where all the clothing is hand-stitched. She has been generous enough to share her techniques in books. I will take some photos if it looks half decent as I get further along. So far I am starting slow and just planning to alter a t-shirt.


Caterina Giglio said...

well one does not have to say much when one shows us beach photos, especially those of us who must travel to water!! lol
and Chanin's work is wonderful, and I am lucky enough to own a piece, one little vest that I treasure. cannot wait to see what you do with her techniques...

MaryAnn-DFW said...

Beautiful! I've never seen such beautiful and wild beaches and I envy your daily contact with the creatures of land and sea. Am enjoying your photographs and artistry. It looks like it will be a white Christmas in Dallas...think I would prefer the peaceful beaches of your home.