Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Week in Photos

I got in a few days at the beach this week. This was before the heat hit and summer officially began.

One morning I was woken by the shooshing sound of a hot air balloon. I am sure they could see me in my nightie taking their photo.

All the wildlife is out and about. That includes the biggest ant I have ever seen. It was 1 1/2 inches. Yes, I measured it - but without getting too close.

I went for a change in direction with a pen drawing I had started a while back.  I liked the composition but it needed some colour. I tried some watercolour on a throwaway sheet of the same paper but it couldn't handle it and the paint splotched horribly.

So I found myself returning to a medium I haven't used much in 25 years. Coloured pencils. I am curious to see how it goes.

The wallabies have been around a lot. I think it is because it has been rather dry for this time of year. I enjoy their company.

This beach day was what I consider perfect conditions. Growing up in the  Pacific Northwest with cold oceans, I never learned to swim in the surf so I am most comfortable with small waves and no rips.

This is me. I went with a friend who prefers to take photographs rather than swim. 

And on my morning walk... a pademelon. They are kind of like small wallabies. They always seem so surprised to see me. I feel like saying 'I do live here you know'. (We have lived here for 15 years.)

And  just 10 metres down the drive from the pademelon. I almost stepped on him and he still didn't move. I had to skirt around him. He is a python so not poisonous. They are nice snakes but this time of year it is possible he could be snappy.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I just LOVE your photos and the wallaby is so adorable....thank you for sharing your paradise. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Shannon said...

Yes, ditto.Thanks for the pix from your side of the planet. It's great to think of wallabies in the yard milling about instead of squirrels!

susan christensen said...

A pandemelon - what a seriously cute creature! Oh how I would love to swim in that Blue Blue ocean, Zom! -sus

PamelaJoy P said...

Zom, I absolutely appreciate seeing your slice of heaven on earth. My brother lives in the rainforest near the Sunshine Coast and it's always a joy to visit his place and see the native animals. Your post just warmed my heart. Your art is incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing all!