Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Secrets of Creativity Workshop

Here is an article a student (thanks Christine) and I wrote for the local newspaper. The paper didn't print it so I thought I would give it a run somewhere, haha.

“There is no such thing as a person who is not creative. It is one of the innate qualities of being human. The common idea that some people are born creative and others aren’t is ridiculous.”

This is the firmly held view of Zom Osborne, local artist of many years standing, who has shown in Sydney, Brisbane and throughout the Northern Rivers. She has also been a teacher for the last four years of the popular art journaling classes, an art form she defines as “the love child of mixed media art and journaling.” It involves paints, collage, doodling and writing, and is one of her best tools to help people open to their creativity.

 “The world needs all forms of creativity, new ideas and new ways of seeing and doing,” says Zom. “We need everyone’s creativity in whatever form and field it arises.”

Zom has also observed that creativity has wonderful benefits for the individual.

“Being creative builds self-trust. It also brings joy, healing, excitement and play and contributes to a sense of purpose. It lessens cravings for material things as our natural desire to create brings fulfillment. And learning how to access your inspiration strengthens intuition.”

Zom Osborne is leading a workshop called Secrets to Creativity where she will share what she has learned over 22 years of being an artist. The workshop will show how creativity works, how to call in more inspiration, what slows creativity and what stops it completely.

“I call it Secrets of Creativity because much of what I reveal is counter to how we have been taught to do things in our daily lives,” explains Zom. “My creativity expanded exponentially once I discovered these 'rules'.”

The workshop takes place on Saturday February 2, 10am-5pm in Byron Bay, and the $100 cost covers the day.  It is open to everyone and  you don’t need to have had any previous art experience. 

(If you want to know more you can contact me through my facebook page.)