Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to Finish an Art Journal Page

More truthfully, one way to finish an art journal page (because however you do it is the right way.)

I am near the end of my small A5 art journal. I am kind of tired of it and more interested in working in the new square one. All the pages have backgrounds, some with a few bits of collage. Do I just leave them and consider it 'done'?

Well that is always an option. But it would also be a wasted opportunity. As with ugly backgrounds, there is a freedom in not caring. I had considered just leaving these pages unfinished, so now I have permission to try whatever. And as I do, I find to my surprise my interest returning. 

The spread above had the pink background and the 2's, the left two with writing inside. I went into my images and pulled out ones that appealed. The timeface is part of a watch (remember you can always use pieces of images rather than the whole thing), and the flower came with the butterflies. I left the white around the flower because it was easier to cut out, and it echoed the white-edged two. Then came some writing that was meaningful to me.

Sometimes my students have trouble with knowing 'what to write'. Write anything you want - just write and see what comes out. I have written to do lists, why not? It is all play. Thoughts that happen to be running through my head. Rarely I use quotes, but sometimes I will save them in a spread. I would say use up to 20% quotes, have the rest be your words. It is your art journal.


Laura said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I've been wanting to create an art journal, but didn't really know how. :-)

Alison Mackay said...

I also had a big burst of renewed creativity in my art journal when I wanted to get it finished for the "EXHIBITION" last December. When I got to the end of the journal I still had at least 6 or 7 backgrounds unfinished and I found it an interesting challenge to find meaningful (to me) images that seemed to "go" with the background. And I had a great sense of achievement when I had finished all those backgrounds!

Roberta said...

What type of book do you use? I am trying to figure out what type of sketchbook takes water media best. Any suggestions?

Zom said...

Laura, also try googling 'beginning an art journal'. There are great resources on the web for this.

Hi Alison *waving*.

Roberta, I use the Daler Rowney sketchbook. It is cartridge paper of pretty good quality. Thick enough to scrub on the paint.

iHanna said...

Ha! My kind of page, so very pink. I agree with you that sometimes the last pages are difficult to find fun to work on, but glad you could work with them and find a new way through. :-)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Beautiful words and images from a beautiful spiritual artist. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart