Thursday, 28 March 2013

Impulsively Making a Booklet for Drawing

I am trying to be more impulsive. (That statement might reveal more about me than I intended to.) I wonder if trying to be impulsive is an oxymoron.

I was listening to a podcast Monday called An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory where he interviews artists about their sketchbooks. I find every interview fascinating. (I tried to find it on iTunes to give you the link but it is no longer there).

The artist that Danny Gregory was talking to, Mark S. Fisher, draws in his sketchbook without knowing what he is going to draw. He just starts a line and keeps going, not knowing what will come out. I have tried this, but not very often. The idea always excites and scares me. I am scared that what I draw will be cliche' and badly drawn.

So I tried it and it was really fun.
I thought my drawing turned out interesting. I would like to do more. Mark Fisher has done it for 30 years. I want to see if I do it for a couple of weeks whether it will evolve-- or what.

 I wanted to make some kind of commitment and it felt like just drawing on sheets of paper wasn't going to do it. So I decided that I needed a journal ( you know how I love my journals).
I looked at my stash of blank journals and they didn't feel right. Too big, too many pages, too long of a commitment. Also I liked the paper I had used for the first drawing. It is slick and holds the ink really well.

I decided to knock up a quick booklet. Just one signature, soft cover. Quickly made out of this paper.

Here  I am trying to decide which packaging to repurpose for the cover. Tyvek is a strong outside protection for the soft cover.
Rather than collaging a cover, I made a collage on Photoshop. As you can probably see, I only have the most basic Photoshop skills.

I didn't use it. The packaging material is semi-transparent and the photos are lost underneath it. I decide to use the stronger magazine pattern instead.

I glued the tyvek to a card cover, but it didn't stick completely. 

So I decided to sew it down with the machine. The sewing machine would only work when I put the card on top. When the needle was against the tyvek it wouldn't go forward. I don't know why.
It meant that I had to handsew the edges. I didn't mind. 

Here is the front. I sewed through all the pages and the cover to put it together. I like plain covers.

Inside. It is only 16 spreads. I could have used more paper, but I didn't want to over-commit to the stream-of-consciousness drawings and then feel like I had to go on longer than I might want to. 

The inside front looks kind of weird. That is some magazine photo of a large flower.

Just in case you wanted to see the first drawing after I finished it. I wanted to push it further and see what happened. My favourite bit is the three sleeping pregnant women on the flower.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You have been on an intriguing journey...I love to sew my little books. Happy Easter!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

Laura Farrow said...

I'm attempting the stream of consciousness way of working with clay! It's thrilling.. and frightening somewhat too! not having that control over it. or a vision even, just Patti Smith-ing it all the way! xo

Zom said...

Mary Helen, I don't think I have seen any of your books. Whenever I go to your place and visit it is always lovely happy children.

Laura, stream of consciousness in clay. Wow, that is impressive.

lynne h said...

amazing, zom... i love everything about this.

thank you for the inspiration...


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing this process, Zom. I will look for the artist you mention. Happy wandering in your new book! -sus

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

I really like this idea, and I like that you made it a small book without the implied commitment of a ton of pages. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works, and what you add to it as you go along.