Sunday, 17 March 2013

More T-Shirt Refashioning

I finished refashioning my husband's t-shirt into a t-shirt for me. I used an Alabama Chanin pattern and did it her way. (If you aren't familiar with Alabama Chanin, here is a rave and the beginnings of the refashion.)

It is completely hand sewn, every seam. This was when I was stitching on the sleeves. 

Last weekend I was cleaning the studio, and got it together to sort through my life drawings drawer. Drawings from the past 15 years. I always cull after a drawing session but as you can imagine, there were a lot (this isn't all.) I threw 80% of them away. It felt great.

While I was sorting through my studio I found this fantastic sheet. Old and soft and calling out to be made into?? Any suggestions? 

And here is my newest refashion project, another t-shirt refashion, another Alabama Chanin inspired refashion. These will go from men's thrifted t-shirts to a bolero, like the last one but different. I am thinking of making it double thickness, 'lined' with the blue t-shirt fabric. The original plan was also for long sleeves.

But there isn't enough fabric. The photo below is after I cut out the body of the bolero and this is what was left. No way I can get two sleeves out of that.

I went back to the thrift stores, looking for more men's black t-shirts. Easy enough to find black t-shirts but they were a different black. Did you know that there is more than one black? Apparently most t-shirts are a kind of brown-black whereas this one is a blue black. I can't find a match.

Tuesday I am going to a new fabric store in Tweed Heads. I have checked out Lismore and Ballina and the only cotton jersey I could find was cheaply made. If I find matching black jersey in the new shop I might still be able to do long sleeves. Otherwise I will go for the cap sleeves. 

I am looking forward to another hand-sewing project. I find it soothing at the end of the day.


Susan Christensen said...

Hi Zom - your refashioned projects always fascinate me. Yes! Those many shadesof black! Good luck solving your matching issue.
Best wishes - sus

Laura Farrow said...

go Ganesha!! love it.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am so in love with this new tee!!!!! happy St. Patrick's Day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Caterina Giglio said...

all hand stitched and gorgeous, you rocked it...