Sunday, 5 May 2013

Refashioned T-shirts into an Alabamin Chanin Bolero

refashion, refashioned t-shirts, Alabama Chanin, refashioned bolero
refashioned bolero
 I refashioned two thrifted men's t-shirts into this Alabama Chanin inspired bolero. It is completely hand-stitched, which I really enjoyed doing. Something so soothing about hand-stitching.

refashioned t-shirt, bolero
This is how I began, placing the pattern pieces on the man's thrifted t-shirt to decide on where I wanted the compass rose image.

bolero, refashioned, reconstructed t-shirts,
Double-layered refashioned bolero
Here I have cut it out. It is double-layered, the second layer is made of another thrifted t-shirt. I am hand-sewing the shoulders together. The instructions for making the bolero are in the book Alabama Studio Sewing.

The little blue star is a reverse appliqué cut away to show the blue fabric underneath.

I wanted to make it with long sleeves, but I didn't have enough fabric. I looked everywhere for another black t-shirt, but oddly enough couldn't find that same black. It is an unusual blue-black whereas the other t-shirts were a brown-black. 
Alabama Chanin, bolero, refashioned t-shirts, refashioned bolero
Alabama Chanin bolero from refashioned t-shirts
So I made it with cap sleeves. I haven't finished the stitching in the photo above.

Alabama Chanin, bolero, refashioned t-shirts,

I haven't really found the right things to wear it with. I suppose I need a blue t-shirt to wear underneath.

Alabama Chanin, refashioned bolero, refashioned t-shirts, bolero

I would be grateful for any fashion advice on how to wear my new bolero. I would like to wear it to class this week and show my students.