Sunday, 5 May 2013

Refashioned T-shirts into an Alabamin Chanin Bolero

refashion, refashioned t-shirts, Alabama Chanin, refashioned bolero
refashioned bolero
 I refashioned two thrifted men's t-shirts into this Alabama Chanin inspired bolero. It is completely hand-stitched, which I really enjoyed doing. Something so soothing about hand-stitching.

refashioned t-shirt, bolero
This is how I began, placing the pattern pieces on the man's thrifted t-shirt to decide on where I wanted the compass rose image.

bolero, refashioned, reconstructed t-shirts,
Double-layered refashioned bolero
Here I have cut it out. It is double-layered, the second layer is made of another thrifted t-shirt. I am hand-sewing the shoulders together. The instructions for making the bolero are in the book Alabama Studio Sewing.

The little blue star is a reverse appliqué cut away to show the blue fabric underneath.

I wanted to make it with long sleeves, but I didn't have enough fabric. I looked everywhere for another black t-shirt, but oddly enough couldn't find that same black. It is an unusual blue-black whereas the other t-shirts were a brown-black. 
Alabama Chanin, bolero, refashioned t-shirts, refashioned bolero
Alabama Chanin bolero from refashioned t-shirts
So I made it with cap sleeves. I haven't finished the stitching in the photo above.

Alabama Chanin, bolero, refashioned t-shirts,

I haven't really found the right things to wear it with. I suppose I need a blue t-shirt to wear underneath.

Alabama Chanin, refashioned bolero, refashioned t-shirts, bolero

I would be grateful for any fashion advice on how to wear my new bolero. I would like to wear it to class this week and show my students.


Carolyn said...

nicely done! you have a cute figure for it, too.

lilasvb said...

great idear

Laura Farrow said...

I actually love it with the bright shirt underneath. have you tried it with something loose under? contrast is always where I begin, even if it's ultimately not where I end. not sure I could rock a bolero, but you do!! xo

Zom said...

Laura, like a regular shirt? That could be interesting, I will have to try it.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You do have such a small waist....and this bolero is stunning. I do wish we were closer...oh the adventures we could have. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

Annika said...

Hi zom, what a great blog you've got! Such a cute bolero you've made! And the art-journalpages are amazing. I recently got addicted to art-journaling. So much fun! Now I'm looking for some more art-journal-blogs to follow, Always fun to share ideas!

Greets Annika

Discounted T-shirts said...

Hi everyone, i ust say this is a unique way to wear T-shirt like this. mean we can make it at home great post.

a Matula ikrek said...

I love the bolero, the cut, the colors, the lining with the other t-shirt, everything about it. :o)

If I were you, I would wear it (besides the shirt you wear it in the pictures) with plain white or blue (or striped) tanktops or over a nice sleeveless lace top. Also could be good with strapless tops... and with men's shirt. You are an artist (plus in gorgeous shape), so you can wear anything :o)

Anonymous said...

I like that you lined it. I've a few t-shirt boleros that look terrible and flimsy.

Ricë said...

I love this! It looks fabulous on you. I think it needs a t-shirt just like this but in blue, or maybe (gasp) white. Or this one, but with more red stitching on the bolero. I'm going to wear one of mine tonight over a strappy long dress--maybe you could try it over a tank, too?