Monday, 10 June 2013

Three Thrifted T-Shirts make One Refashioned T

The remaking of three thrifted t-shirts into this refashioned t-shirt was a bit of a longish road. The journey follows:

These are the three mens' t-shirts I began with. My initial inspiration was the middle one because I liked the dark grey with the red typeface. The plan is to make another t-shirt from an Alabama Chanin pattern. If you haven't seen the first one I made, you might want to check it out here.

First I placed the pattern pieces on the t-shirt I wanted to use for the body. I am trying to figure out how I want to place the logos. I kind of wanted it not centred, but it wouldn't have looked right. 

I could not relate to the attitude of the original t-shirt. It advertises a sporting school with: "Sporting School of Excellence. No Place for Second Best." and "to be the best you much first beat the best". Not me at all. So I tried to think of how I could mess with it.

Above I am wondering how it might look with red sleeves and a red pocket.
Or should I really change the mood and put on a big fat heart? I have sewn the shoulders up.
In the end I went for the pocket. I am not much into wearing too many hearts. 

Here is the direction the back is going. A little heart over the "no" so now there is a place for second best, teehee. I have already sewn up most of the t-shirt. It is all entirely hand-sewn, no machine stitching. I love hand-stitching. 
The second grey t-shirt became the sleeves. As you can see I couldn't completely get away from its logo, there wasn't enough fabric to cut out the sleeves without it. I don't mind though.

I had to piece the sleeves out of the two other t-shirts. They were too long to fit into one.

Here is the back completely finished. The red writing now says Macri Rorting School of Insolence. Rorting is australian slang that means a dishonest act or practice. It doesn't make complete sense but I prefer the cheeky attitude.

Here is the front completed. I don't know about the pocket, what do you think?

The back you have already seen.

And here is how I wore it to class, with my $6 thrifted jacket.