Monday, 29 July 2013

This Week's Creative Doings

Clarrie Hall Dam
I have a good friend who takes me out on adventures. I drive to her place and she takes me somewhere wonderful that she has discovered. She is a talented photographer so we both take photos and I usually get some drawing in.

The dam was so still that it reflected the clouds like an entry into another universe.

pink refashioned t-shirt, Alabama Chanin style
Pink Pooh Refashioned T-shirt in progress
 I sewed that bottom edge onto my pink t-shirt refashion. I sure do work slow. I figure I am living what they call a slow life.

I am thinking of embroidering a few good Pooh quotes on the back. Maybe I will need a little writing on the front as well. What do you think?

I did do stuff in the studio this week, but it was mostly refining my watercolour drawings so nothing really to show.  
This is a photograph of my other 'painting' work. I got a sunny day on Saturday to repaint one of the studio windows. I get unhappy if I do too much practical stuff at one time, so I do a bit and stop. 

That is why some of the windows are underpainted and others aren't. I do housework things in short spurts, at the most an hour or so. I am not one of those who can spend the entire day cleaning or gardening. 

The above is my studio by the way.

purple and grey t-shirt refashion Alabama Chanin style
cotton-angora T-shirt Refashion
Here is the other refashion I am working on. You can see my earlier thinking processes about it here. I am trying to get the sleeves attached so I can work out where I am going to put the stencils.

Two cut out stencils

These are the stencils that I decided on. I think the geometric shapes will work better with the two-toned sleeves than the beetle stencil I tried last week would have. But they don't have personal meaning for me so it is a bit of a compromise. They are free stencils available from the book Alabama Studio Sewing and Design

The designs on the two sheets are actually different sizes. I plan to use the larger one for the stencilling, Then appliqué the smaller size on top in the grey jersey. 

Purple long-sleeved t-shirt with grey and purple sleeves

Here it is with the sleeves attached. I am thinking it will be easier to stencil it before I sew up the sides. The sleeves are two-toned because I didn't have enough fabric in the old sleeves to make the new ones so I had to piece. Those kind of things that you can't control are part of what I love about refashioning.

Long sleeved shirt with applique pinned on

So here I am pinning on the appliqué to see the best place to put it. I really think bringing in more grey fabric is going to help make the t-shirt more harmonious. 

The only problem is that I don't like the new shapes. Maybe they are too small, maybe they aren't funky enough. They just aren't working for me. 

Two stencils being painted onto fabric

So I found another stencil pattern (also from Alabama Chanin) - this is my third try at finding a stencil that will work for this refashion. I copied it in a few different sizes and made two of them into a stencil. I am going to mix the two paints together, some red and some white for stencilling. The black gesso on the left is just holding the stencil down.

I have painted it on and now I wait for it to dry. I feel optimistic. Hopefully I will have more to show you next week.


Barbara Smith said...

I love seeing everything you make, Zom. Today is no the design you stenciled!
Peace & Love,

Ricë said...

I, too, love seeing it all. Very mentally stimulating. The first thing I thought of, reading this post, is: why don't you create your own stencils? I really did think that was where you were going with this, that you were going to show us the various stencils you considered and rejected and then say you took some of the photos from your adventure with your friend, traced around the part you liked best, and turned that into your own stencil. Those clouds seem like a great place to start!

Zom said...

I will be making my own stencils. Originally (last post) I did make the beetle stencil but I decided it didn't work for this shirt.
I ended up really liking the circle crosses so I am happy to use them for this.