Monday, 5 August 2013

Art and Refashion during the Week

I thought we might start with where we left off form last week, with the angora and cotton t-shirt refashion. If you want to see earlier stages, go here and the very beginning here

It began with a pullover top where I loved the fabric but hated the sweatshirt shape. I recut it with an Alabama Chanin pattern found in the book Alabama Studio Sewing and Design. The above is my third time at trying to find a stencil pattern that I like and think will work with this top.

stencilling on a refashioned t-shirt

Here is the top, after stencilling. I know the grey piecing on the sleeves must seem a little random. I didn't have enough fabric in the original shirt, hence the grey. I am still trying to integrate it. I might do that with some grey appliqué over the stencilling. Or I could add it with more circle crosses. What do you think?

stencilling on a refashioned pullover

And here is the back. I haven't sewn up the sides or the sleeves yet. I am doing it all with hand-sewing so it is a bit slow. I like the cross on the sleeve.

I was originally thinking it could be cool to have extra-long sleeves with thumbholes, but I have gone off that idea and so now need to shorten them. 

Here is a little mother wallaby who has been around our place a lot lately. She has a joey (a baby) in her pouch. Occasionally he pops out and has a jump around. If you startle him he will run and jump back in. So cute.

partly done watercolor painting of a girl with seagulls
watercolour in process by Zom Osborne

In the studio, I managed to fix up the watercolour painting that was partly eaten by bugs. She is actually a bit further along than this, but I haven't taken another photo yet.

Byron Main Beach on a cloudy winter's day
Byron Bay Main Beach

I did get to the beach one day this week. Winter is a beautiful time where I live in Australia; the days can reach the mid-70's. This day wasn't so warm, but cloudy days are lovely in their own way.

I found the half-submerged tree interesting. Possible future painting idea?

And I also ran across this intriguing structure someone had made. I wanted to stay and draw it, but the sky was starting to spit.

Before I let you go, do you have the patience for another refashion? This one I shared the beginnings of a few weeks ago. 

It is made from 3 thrifted t-shirts. I embroidered the tree appliqués a few weeks ago. I am considering drawing the little illustration of Pooh with his balloon above the trees - the back of the refashion has a Pooh embellishment from the original t-shirt. 

Here I am sewing up the sides and sleeves. I am hoping to have this one finished soon. Maybe by next week.


Caterina Giglio said...

you are so brave... I may have to try refashioning..

Zom said...

You should! I would love to see what you refashion.

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

As for the first project, I love the new stencil design. Maybe, if you have enough, you could put gray binding around the neck, bottom, and sleeve ends to tie in to the gray at the top of the sleeves? Just a thought. Also, very glad you were able to salvage the painting. Danged bugs!

Zom said...

I think that I will have to use the grey for the neck binding as I don't have any more of the maroon fabric. Thanks for making me think of that Sharon. It would probably be a good idea to put the binding on sooner rather than later so that I have an idea of how it goes with the stencils.

As for binding around the bottom - I mostly avoid that as it would bring the eye to my, ehem, bottom.

In the case of the pink top I had to as it wasn't long enough ( a constant problem for me as I have an extremely long torso). I used the least contrasting colour I could find.

Zom said...
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