Thursday, 29 August 2013

I Feel a New Series Coming on, Drawings and Beginning a New Refashion

birds on sea rocks
Brunswick Heads
I dreamt of mermaids last week and woke with the remnants of inspiration in the ethers. My friend and I had already planned one of our artists' dates where she photographs and I take photos and draw. We had been talking of driving inland, but synchronicity was in the air and we both wanted to find tide pools.

Our beaches aren't really the tide pool kind. But we did find a few shallow puddles inbetween some beautiful rocks with plenty of seabirds.
sea rocks and sea bird
Brunswick Heads by the wall
A pretty archetypal scene for mermaids. Isn't the colour of the water amazing?

On a sadder note but still on the inspiration theme, a few days later this poor bird killed itself with a crash against our window. 

drawing a dead bird
drawing the bird my window killed
This was my way of saying 'sorry' and 'I love you'. And also it was a chance to draw a bird which I am grateful for.

possible mermaid inspiration
Later in the week more possible mermaid settings. I like the bit gloomier setting, and there were a multitude of birds flying around those trees.

art journal background for class
Birds were a bit of a theme this week. An art journal background I did in preparation for my class. A combination of gesso resist, masking and stencilling. 

Alabama Chanin inspiration
And finally, a new refashion project. I thought I would try a t-shirt with a seam down the front and back. I had to do some changes on the pattern as I didn't want it that low in the front or in the back.
five men's blue t-shirts
thrifted men's t-shirts
Here is the starting point. Which shirts will I use?
men's t-shirts cut to a new pattern
newest refashion beginning
I went for these three. It will be interesting to see if I can make the half logo work.

morning walk
I took a few photos on my morning walk. This is the 'tame' side of the road. Most of the forest has been cut down for grazing land many years ago.

morning walk, tame side of the road
morning walk, wild side of the road
We live on the edge of the rainforest. Our place was originally in a cow paddock but we have planted nearly 10,000 trees to extend this forest. Now we are part of it, and the land we 'own' extends miles into  this hillside. It is not easy to get there.

pen and ink study of hair
Hair study, pen and ink drawing
I impulsively spent the morning drawing this hair study, not sure why. But when I shared it on my facebook page, Sharon suggested it as a good hairstyle for a mermaid. Perfect! You have to trust these impulses, they take you new places. 

So that was some of my creative week. What have you been up to?


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Dear Zom...your beauty in your country with the oceans and clear blue skies...I have the same problem with birds hitting the windows of my cabin I have collected colored glass bottles and such ...this seems to deter them from crashing in and losing their life. The drawing is a wonderful reliquary...a ceremonial a tiny heart creature. The new tees are fabulous! Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I have been preparing and packing for our move into a smaller home nearer the hospitals for my dear husbands radiation and chem treatments. I have been hitting the road to secure twin furnish the extra bedrooms in the cabin so I can offer art retreats in my beloved home in the woods. By the are always welcomed! Peace, Mary Helen

Susan Christensen said...

Wow, those beach photos are so wild and amazing. All that BLUE! I am intrigued by the thought of Zom-mermaids. Seems like a natural!
xxoo, sus

Zom said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Sus. :)

Dion Dior said...

A beautiful journey with you inspired by you. Thank you. xx

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

Zom, have you noticed that, even though the logo on the T-shirt is not mermaid related, all the colors you picked are water or mermaid colors? :=)

Love your rainforest. We live on the edge of forest land, but it's all pines, oaks, and madrone trees. But still, forests are good neighbors.

Can't wait to see your mermaid drawings/paintings.

Zom said...

I hadn't thought of that Sharon. Funny.
Forests are great. My first choice might be oak forests, the rainforest is wonderfully intimidatingly alive. Every step can be a bit nerve-wracking.

I don't know how soon you will see mermaids. I do truly slow art. I am still refining my Protected Habitat series (the bird ones). It can be a year before the new one takes root.

Ricë said...

I thought the same thing about the t-shirts: mermaid colors. You're moving into a new theme, indeed. Slowly, and that's the fun of it. Rushing? Eh.