Monday, 12 August 2013

Painting Inspiration. but not so much Refashioning this Week

I went on an outing with my good friend the photographer this week. She took me to this very special beach. It may not look like much in this photo, but that is the fault of my camera. The magic didn't show up in my photos (so disappointing.) 

There were thousands and thousands of tiny blue soldier crabs on this beach. As you walk towards them, they and run away in small masses. They also quickly dig underneath the sand to hide. ( I wonder why they are called soldier crabs, they were sensitive and timid.)

Fortunately the video I took of a small group in the water came out. 

If anyone knows how to make the videos larger in blogger, I would love to know.

We also walked around to another beach where my friend rushed ahead, intent on taking photos of the seabirds.

I was content to stay under the tree and do a little drawing. The photo was pretty hopeless so it was a good thing that I did. I also find that drawing helps me to internalise what I am seeing.

drawing of tree roots in a sketchbook
Sketchbook drawing

Later in the week I returned to town to teach a private student.

Handmade stamps
Handmade stamps from ezicarve
We did some stamp making using Ezicarve. It is a lot like carving into linoleum, but softer to work with. I am making a small series of beetle stamps for printing onto my refashions.

Path leading to a beach
Pathway to the beach
Afterwards I went for a walk at a nearby beach to regenerate my energy before life drawing. 

It is the end of winter in Australia, so I wasn't going into the water.

beach in winter

Not too crowded for a sunny Saturday.
Then off to my friend's studio for some drawing from a model.

She was an excellent model. Life drawing is a time for me just to draw, not worrying too much about what it looks like. They are studies rather than finished drawings.

I don't have a lot to show in the refashioning department. I am hand sewing up the arm and side seams. Then I just have the neck to go and I think I am done.

I enjoy the hand-sewing but I think I might pull out the sewing machine as well.

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Susan Christensen said...

Great beaches Zom.
I really enjoyed seeing all your activities.
- sus