Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lots of Art Journaling this Week

I have been reentering my art journaling lately. I regularly art journal, but sometimes I have a renewal in interest and I journal much more.
Part of my renewal has to do with more writing directly into my art journal. Sometimes I want to write stuff just to get it out but don't necessarily want to read it later. Or I don't care if I can read some insight I or a friend might have had, but I want to know it is in there - somewhere.

With this in mind I have been playing a bit with how to reveal and conceal my writing. This is one experiment where I really liked the outcome:
gessoing to create a background in my art journal
art journal background 
I had written a lot on this page and now was ready to move into making it a background. Often I gesso over writing, but this time I didn't want to necessarily cover it all up. So I used a masking technique with these letters, gessoing around them.

After the gesso was dry, I brushed some matt medium over the ungessoed bits so they wouldn't soak up all the paint and get too dark.

keeping some writing in my art journal background
art journal background made with gesso resist
I applied a few layers of colour. The next stage for this spread will be collaging.

gesso in an art journal
More gesso resist with matt medium 
Here is another one. Just showing you because I am excited about the new technique.

red art journal background
more gesso resist background
This time in reds. 

And yet more art journaling. One of my students has been using an old book for her art journaling. She glues the pages together and then gessos them, sometimes leaving bits ungessoed. I find the way it looks very exciting. I have wanted to do it, but wasn't enthusiastic about all the gluing before I could begin.

I have had this old A4 art journal on my desk for a while. I started it in '11 and was only using it for stream-of-consciousness drawing and diary entries. It was an experiment. I filled it about 1/2 full and lost interest. There are some good drawings later on, but most of the pages I don't care about.

I had the thought, it could be my repurposed art journal. So I glued down some more recent writing I had done in a notebook. Then I got out the paints and my background stamps.

apologies for the fuzzy photo.

 I did some dot stamping with gesso and then put down a coat of a new yellow, Hansa Light, that I bought last week. 

I added cadmium red and stamped a bit more with the red. 

art journal spread background
altering my old art journal spread
I wanted to tone down all the red. After I added the Payne's Grey I liked it better. I might go back in and strengthen some of the drawing, probably the top pig. We will see.

unfinished flower drawing

I started a drawing of this flower that I picked up on my morning walk, I don't know what it is. I brought in another one from my walk the next day, but they didn't look enough alike so I never finished it. I had to decide to just let it be a study.

I haven't done a lot of refashioning this week. Some hand-stitching but no progress really worth showing. I think I have finally figured out what my sewing mannequin is for. It really works to adjust sizing. I mean of course, but I just didn't trust it somehow. This shirt was huge when I thrifted it and I have been slowly cutting it down and pinning in new darts. Fingers crossed, I could really use some light woven tops for summer.

Here it the shirt when I bought it about a year ago. 

I will finish off with my artist date with my friend on Monday. It was a wintery day, probably the last as we go into spring. The first rain we have had in 6 weeks. 

The light was beautiful. I loved the colour of the ocean. I was fantasising about being able to photograph a model half in the water in that light. I don't imagine the model would be too thrilled though - it was cold.


Rosie Kaplan said...

Where do you get the letters? Did you make them?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just visited to read a bit about art journaling. I think the flower may be a Bauhinia - it looks like a tree we have in our backyard.

Caterina Giglio said...

that shirt looks very attractive on you... looking forward to seeing what you do with it..
btw, Orly Avineri has a new art journaling page on FB, you can post your pages and your workshops...

Zom said...

Rosie, they are chipboard letters. You can get them from any place that sells scrapbooking supplies.

Thanks Caterina, I hope it will look good now that I have cut it up, haha. I don't know Orly Avineri, I will look her up.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am loving the last photos of the soft ocean remains hectic here. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart