Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lots of Drawing and Some Refashioning this Week

a pen and watercolour drawing in progress
drawing in progress
 I will start with what I am working on today; a small watercolour drawing for a casual show in a local gallery. All the pieces have to be post card sized, 13cm x 18cm. I think the work is only up for a weekend.

The show is called Up and Down the Town. I interpreted that as the opportunity to show my neighbourhood. Some days it is very small, as I spend days just going between the house and my studio. But even so there can be lots of good company.

I thought it might be interesting to show you the space it is representing. All the above creatures (and more) have been where they are drawn at some point in time. The drawing is a piece of collapsed time.

I have recently felt reignited in my art journaling. My new enthusiasm came partly from realising that I want to do a lot more writing in my journal. It is funny, considering how I go on to my students about how your art journal is whatever you need it to be, but once again I had to get past my own ideas of what I shouldn't do in my art journal (you can't have whole pages just of writing! Uh, yes you can). 
It also came from deciding to bring my stream-of-consicousness drawing into my art journal. I don't know if you remember, but  a few months ago I made a special little journal to fill with these drawings.

I am curious what you think of the difference between these two versions of this drawing. I try and remember that my art journal is a place for experimentation - so if something pops into my head to try out I remind myself to go for it, and not worry about 'ruining' it.

I think the guy looks better but the spread suffered. What do you think?

Above is the beginning of another stream-of-consciousness drawing. I don't know where it is going (which of course is kind of the point) or if it is finished. 

Sorry about the foot. That is a little embarrassing.

And onto my new refashion. Three thrifted men's t-shirts into one. This is the back. If you want to see how it began go here.

a blue t-shirt refashion in progress
tshirt refashion, front

And the front. I am in the middle of hand-stitching it so it is inside out.

t-shirt refashion in progress on a mannikan
t-shirt refashion front
I am wondering whether I need to put something on the plain side or just leave it? What do you think?

life drawings
life drawings
We had a wonderful model at life drawing this week. It is strange, but sometimes I find it difficult to draw someone so inspiring. I think that was because she had a grace and beauty that I was trying to capture but felt I failed. When I looked at the drawings later most of them weren't so bad.  

Do you remember the little dead bird I drew last week? After the drawing was finished, I gently placed her outside in this palm frond. She stayed apparently untouched for days.

Then bang, she was gone. I am hoping the ants will strip everything away and I will get a little bird skeleton. I hope this isn't too macabre for you. I am just curious how her little bones fit together. I want to draw them.

A rocky beach

And finally another happy artist date with my dear friend. On my request, we went to the Cabarita Foreshore Trail, just north of Hastings Point. I was thinking of more mermaid inspiration for a new series of paintings.

A beach and headland
Where do you think they would be? Is this rocky enough? I keep seeing tide pools, but there aren't a lot around here. We mostly have white sand beaches.

Where I grew up, in Oregon, we had perfect beaches for the mermaids. Deserted, windy and forlorn and full of rocks and tide pools.

reminder sketch

Here is a sketch I did of one place that I could see the mermaids.
This isn't supposed to be a drawing to show someone, you might not even be able to tell what it is. It is a sketch to remind myself. When I draw something I can look at the drawing and remember drawing it.

In this case it was especially fortunate that I drew the scene because the photo does not capture what I saw. The feeling is almost completely lost. But between the sketch and the photo I will remember.

a rock pool at low tide
Mermaids here


Unknown said...

Such an inspiring post, Zom! I love you stream of consciousness drawings, really resonate with my own process. The tshirt is very cool - I would leave the plain side plain I think. Or maybe add a pocket?

Zom said...

Sus, I am very happy if I have returned some of the inspiration you have given me through your drawings.

Anonymous said...
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