Monday, 30 September 2013

More Art Journaling

You know how it is when something new comes through and you are riding a wave? I have been feeling more art journal inspiration this week. I am excited about trying out new ways of working, partly caused by my new repurposed art journal.

One idea was inspired by my blog friend and wonderful artist, Lynne Hoppe. She works a lot in repurposed books and we were having a little email conversation about her methods. She does amazing paintings of faces and magical little figures in her books. During our conversation a kind of light went on. Why do I always feel like I have to collage over painted backgrounds, why not painting images?
Unfinished acrylic painting of a woman and a raccoon
Unfinished(?) painting in my repurposed art journal
My training and experience is in oil painting and I haven't done much painting with acrylics so it feels pretty awkward. But what better place to practice and experiment than in my art journal?

repurposing an old art journal
Here is pretty much how I am approaching the repurposing. I usually gesso over most of the page, leaving any bits that I like. After the gesso is dry, I add some matt medium over the exposed pieces so that the paint I add later doesn't soak into the writing or drawings. 

I have been working in my square art journal as well. I am leaving pages unpainted for spontaneous drawings. I call them stream-of-consciousness drawings because I usually just start drawing, not knowing what I am going to draw.

ink drawing of an angel with fish behind her
Stream-of-consciousness drawing
I quite liked this sad little angel. I am not certain that she is an angel, I am just assuming because of the wings. A few people on facebook found her dreamy rather than sad, but I kind of think something bad happened to her.

ink and watercolour drawing of an angel with fish behind her
Wounded Angel
I then went ahead and painted the background in around her and coloured her with inktense pencils. What do you think? Should I have left her just in black and white?

There is more journaling in process, but I might just leave you the photo I took of this poor magpie on our day at the beach. The magpie was okay, but it looked for a moment like he had a fight coming up over the bread crust we gave him.

photo of a magpie being bullied by 4 Ibis for his crumb
Ibis bully gang
Don't the Ibis look like a gang of bullies? 


lynne h said...

: ) : ) : )


J said...

I think the angel just looks worn out. maybe she's had to chase around a lot of foolish humans lately. I like the color version!

Paper rainbow said...

So Happy to have found you through Lynne Hoppes blog! Your wonderful drawings and journal pages are so beautiful, Joining up to be part of your merry band of followers! :)

Caterina Giglio said...

bullies yes... and your journal is so wonderful..