Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Postcard Drawing, More Scenes for Mermaids and Dyeing Some Clothes

the Pass, Byron Bay
I am still looking at scenes for the possible new series. This is another possibility. Can't you see a mermaid or two around these rocks? What attracts me is the sense of in-between. To me, the rocks framing the sea looks like a kind of threshold or gateway into another realm.

More inspiration. The little molluscs were sticking their necks/heads (?) in and out. I took pity on the little guy and threw him into the sea. I was afraid he would dry out. Who knows if I did him a good deed or if he preferred to stay where he was. 

drawing of a house on a floating island
unfinished stream of consciousness drawing
I went a bit further with the stream-of-consciousness drawing in my art journal (that is what I call it when the drawing is unplanned and I don't know what I am drawing but just see what comes out). If you want to see the earlier version go here.

art journal page with woman and birds
unfinished art journal page with collage
Here is another spread in my art journal. I am quite happy with how this one is going (it isn't finished). I like it so much it might be difficult to finish it for fear of messing it up. Always a danger - the fear stopping you.

dyed bed sheet, 3/4 pants and vest
I didn't get a lot of refashioning done this week. Saturday I dyed this old sheet, some thrifted linen 3/4 pants and a faded black vest. I only had black dye but wanted everything to be grey so I just put more stuff in the pot. The colour is what I wanted.

But there were a few problems. The bed sheet had stains which got a lot worse with the dye. Not a biggie as I can cut around them. I might use the sheet to make a skirt.

Dyed linen thrifted 3/4 pants
The pants were a bit more disappointing. I always forget that the dye doesn't work on the polyester thread. As you can see, the zipper and thread has stayed white. It actually shows up more than in the photo. Yuck. 

The wallabies have been all over the place. Spring is in the air. Not a great photo but I wanted to get you into the mood for the drawing that I finished.

unfinished drawing of animals in the back garden
drawing in progress

It is the one I showed you in my last post. It is for a local show called 'Up and Down the Town' and all the artwork has a size limit of 13cm x 18cm. Above it is a little further along than when you saw it last.

pen and watercolour drawing of animals in the yard
"Back Door to the Studio" by Zom Osborne
And here it is finished. It is basically the size that you see it. The subject is a play on portraying my neighbourhood. Some days my neighbourhood is pretty small as the furthest I go is between the house and the studio. But I still have lots of company, as you can see.

I went to life drawing again this week. The model was inexperienced and had a hard time holding a pose. But I still enjoyed drawing her.

She had a great face. I wish I had had time to finish the portrait.

I will finish off where I started. Monday was beautiful but so windy that I didn't stay long. The hills in the distance are where I live.


Caterina Giglio said...

I have been so preoccupied with moving that I have not had a chance to blog hop, and I see I have missed a lot! you always inspire me Zom, I love the blue tshirt and the pants are a great color, and your drawings are fab as well as your stream of consciousness drawings... thanks!!

sandie said...

Awesome drawings - I love all the creatures you share your garden with - I'm dying to know whose tail that is sticking out from under the rocks?

Zom Osborne said...

Hi Caterina, I hope your move is going smoothly and easily.

Sandie, that is a snake. We have a large green frog that lives underneath those steps and every year the snake tries to catch the frog. It never succeeds because it can't open its mouth big enough inside that small space to eat the frog. We hear the frog bellow, telling the snake to go away and the snake just lies in there hoping for lunch. This has been going on regularly every year for at least the past ten years.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I so love your precious wallabies! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart