Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mostly Art Journaling with a Studio Artwork Thrown in

Colored Pencil and Watercolor painting of a young woman against a tree.
Untitled Watercolor Drawing by Zom Osborne
How about I start with a watercolour drawing that might be finished? I haven't a name for it yet. Usually I leave them for a week or so and then take them out again before I sign it. That way I can get a fresh look and see if it really is finished.

I haven't been posting much of my studio work on here lately. That is because I am working on a new website and I will have a blog there related to studio work. I am wondering what to do with this blog. I don't think I have the energy to keep up two blogs, but I would miss not sharing art journaling and refashioning. I might go to a different platform.

Repurposing an Old Art Journal

Speaking of art journaling, I would like to share some spreads in process from my new repurposed art journal. If you missed my intro to that art journal I write about it here. Basically I am taking an old art journal that was just drawing and writing and repurposing it into a more experimental and colourful journal.

Here is the same spread before I started repurposing:

Oh and I just remembered, there was a step after that:

art Journal page with acrylic painting on top of drawings.
In Progress Repurposing an old Art Journal spread

Pretty silly pose she has on the left, but it doesn't matter. The point (for me) is that I am trying out some painting in my art journal. I haven't done that before.

Repurposing an old art journal, in progress
On the above spread I don't like the drawing that still shows on the bottom. I might partly cover it with more collage like I did with the drawing on the top of the page.

That is probably enough of the repurposed art journal. Here is a change of pace, a life drawing from last week's session.

life drawing

And a studio shot showing how messy my drawing table is. I was trying to make some point on facebook about how creativity is messy. (Rationalization?)

Finished Repurposed Art Journal page

Oops, I said enough of that but here is another one. I had to show you a finished repurposed art journal spread, and one that I am also pleased with. It was just the drawing on plain paper before and then I came in with gesso and acrylic paint. I like how it turned out, all aged looking. 

Thanks for stopping by.