Saturday, 9 November 2013

Three Blues Refashioned T-Shirt

refashioned t-shirt made in 3 blues
3 blues refashioned T-shirt

My latest Alabama Chanin inspired refashion above. It's not perfect but I love it. I have already completed several refashioned T-shirts with another Alabama Chanin pattern. (I see that I have already posted about the beginnings of this project, but I will repeat it in the interests of the story.) 

My past AC t-shirts were two pieces (not counting the sleeves). This time I wanted to try the four piece version with a seam up the front and the back.  

Above is the initial inspiration. I wanted the front and back necklines to be higher, and I wanted short sleeves, so there was a bit of going back and forth between two patterns (the previous one has sleeves).

Here are the men's thrifted t-shirts that I had to choose from. I ended up using the 2 on the left and the bottom middle one, saving the winged guitar and the lighter green for another time.

Using my altered pattern, I am trying to figure out where I want the logo. I am not interested in what the logo says, I am looking at it as a graphic. I like the typeface and the colours.

I didn't like the neckline so here I am trying to shape it in a similar way to this old purple favourite.

I have cut it all out and am deciding on thread colours. 

These t-shirts are entirely hand-sewn. You can see the seams in this photo. 

And here I begin the top-stitching. I always use top-stitching on these hand-sewn t-shirts. Because I relish the opportunity for more colour, and because I don't entirely trust one line of running stitch to hold the seam together.

After adding the sleeves, the final stage is finishing the neckline. The sleeves edges and the bottom aren't hemmed.

Three Blues refashioned T-shirt

As you can see, the fit is not perfect. I need to bring it in a bit around the waist. I don't want it too fitted but I can get rid of the little overlapping doohicky bit.

Three Blues refashioned T-shirt

And because I have a sway back, it would be good to take a little out of the middle back as well. Next time. I love the colours.

Do you think the half logo works in the front? My husband doesn't like it.


Ricë said...

I love it! I like the logo as it is. *I* couldn't wear it like that because the cut-off letter would drive my anal-retentive brain NUTS, but I love the effect and think it's perfect. I also really like the color combo you've chosen--it looks really good on you. I agree about bringing it in a little at the waist, but tweaking the pattern is super simple after you've done the first one. I tweak a little, make another one, tweak some more. Eventually you get it perfect, and in the meantime you have a selection of not-quite-perfect but fabulous-anyway shirts you can wear. If you decide you'd like to take this one up a bit in the waist, there's a treatment you might try. I have no idea what it's called but could try to find a photo. Like darts, but on the outside and then topstitched. You might like it graphically, as well (in additional to it's being functional).

Sorry for the long comment! Great job!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love the half-logo! That is what makes it interesting and unique! I love the fact that you can see the stitching too - beautiful job!

Zom said...

Thanks Rice. For me I just see the words as a design and didn't really notice that the letter was cut off.
The treatment for taking up the waist sounds intriguing, I would love to see it.

Thanks Michelle. :)

Judy Wise said...

Fabulous, it looks great on you and I myself like the logo as you've done it. I'm inspired!!

Unknown said...

So very cool, Zom. Your getting better all the time. I especially like the zigzag neckline.
best wishes, sus

Zom said...

Thanks Judy, I would love to see what you might create.

Thanks Sus. This one is the best I think - maybe it is the colours.

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

I like it, Zom. Both the colors and the graphics work for me.

Barb Smith said...

I vote with everyone else so far, loving the half logo on makes it even more unique. You inspire me to maybe give it a try someday soon.
peace & love,

Zom said...

If you do Barbara, i would love to see.

Anonymous said...
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