Saturday, 1 February 2014

My Apologies and a New Blog

First my gratitude and apologies to any reader that might still be following this blog. I have neglected you terribly.

I have what I hope is a good reason. I have been making a new website, and with that a new blog.

It is different from this blog. It is my artist blog talking about my practice as a visual artist.

Pinchmetoseeifyouaredreaming started as a timid experiment. The truth is that I began it using a fake name in 2008. A few months along I revealed myself and at almost the same time became enamoured with art journaling. I think that is mostly what this blog owes what minor popularity it had to. I was writing about art journaling in the beginning before there were many blogs on the subject.

In 2009 I began teaching art journaling. Not online (though I did try that out) but in realtime near the small town in Australia where I live. I am still teaching a regular weekly class. Slowly over time, the art journaling posts became less, especially the tutorials.

In 2010 I started refashioning and bringing what I was experimenting with into the blog.

I also wrote about creativity and some about my practice as an artist. I mostly reserved this place for my experimental work, art journaling and refashioning. I found myself at that point disinclined to share a lot about being a professional artist.

And that perhaps is what has changed. I have a beautiful new website that I am proud of and I want to share it and my artist blog (under journal on the site). I am also selling my art over the internet. Things have changed in the art world and I am happy to change too.

(I couldn't get the entire website into the screenshot, sorry.)

I am surprised if there is anyone left reading this. If there is, thank you for your friendship and interest over the years. I hope you will follow me to my new artist blog but if you would rather not, I understand. Either way I wish you much joy and creativity and maybe we will meet again in the now large world of creative blogs on the internet.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Three Blues Refashioned T-Shirt

refashioned t-shirt made in 3 blues
3 blues refashioned T-shirt

My latest Alabama Chanin inspired refashion above. It's not perfect but I love it. I have already completed several refashioned T-shirts with another Alabama Chanin pattern. (I see that I have already posted about the beginnings of this project, but I will repeat it in the interests of the story.) 

My past AC t-shirts were two pieces (not counting the sleeves). This time I wanted to try the four piece version with a seam up the front and the back.  

Above is the initial inspiration. I wanted the front and back necklines to be higher, and I wanted short sleeves, so there was a bit of going back and forth between two patterns (the previous one has sleeves).

Here are the men's thrifted t-shirts that I had to choose from. I ended up using the 2 on the left and the bottom middle one, saving the winged guitar and the lighter green for another time.

Using my altered pattern, I am trying to figure out where I want the logo. I am not interested in what the logo says, I am looking at it as a graphic. I like the typeface and the colours.

I didn't like the neckline so here I am trying to shape it in a similar way to this old purple favourite.

I have cut it all out and am deciding on thread colours. 

These t-shirts are entirely hand-sewn. You can see the seams in this photo. 

And here I begin the top-stitching. I always use top-stitching on these hand-sewn t-shirts. Because I relish the opportunity for more colour, and because I don't entirely trust one line of running stitch to hold the seam together.

After adding the sleeves, the final stage is finishing the neckline. The sleeves edges and the bottom aren't hemmed.

Three Blues refashioned T-shirt

As you can see, the fit is not perfect. I need to bring it in a bit around the waist. I don't want it too fitted but I can get rid of the little overlapping doohicky bit.

Three Blues refashioned T-shirt

And because I have a sway back, it would be good to take a little out of the middle back as well. Next time. I love the colours.

Do you think the half logo works in the front? My husband doesn't like it.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mostly Art Journaling with a Studio Artwork Thrown in

Colored Pencil and Watercolor painting of a young woman against a tree.
Untitled Watercolor Drawing by Zom Osborne
How about I start with a watercolour drawing that might be finished? I haven't a name for it yet. Usually I leave them for a week or so and then take them out again before I sign it. That way I can get a fresh look and see if it really is finished.

I haven't been posting much of my studio work on here lately. That is because I am working on a new website and I will have a blog there related to studio work. I am wondering what to do with this blog. I don't think I have the energy to keep up two blogs, but I would miss not sharing art journaling and refashioning. I might go to a different platform.

Repurposing an Old Art Journal

Speaking of art journaling, I would like to share some spreads in process from my new repurposed art journal. If you missed my intro to that art journal I write about it here. Basically I am taking an old art journal that was just drawing and writing and repurposing it into a more experimental and colourful journal.

Here is the same spread before I started repurposing:

Oh and I just remembered, there was a step after that:

art Journal page with acrylic painting on top of drawings.
In Progress Repurposing an old Art Journal spread

Pretty silly pose she has on the left, but it doesn't matter. The point (for me) is that I am trying out some painting in my art journal. I haven't done that before.

Repurposing an old art journal, in progress
On the above spread I don't like the drawing that still shows on the bottom. I might partly cover it with more collage like I did with the drawing on the top of the page.

That is probably enough of the repurposed art journal. Here is a change of pace, a life drawing from last week's session.

life drawing

And a studio shot showing how messy my drawing table is. I was trying to make some point on facebook about how creativity is messy. (Rationalization?)

Finished Repurposed Art Journal page

Oops, I said enough of that but here is another one. I had to show you a finished repurposed art journal spread, and one that I am also pleased with. It was just the drawing on plain paper before and then I came in with gesso and acrylic paint. I like how it turned out, all aged looking. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, 30 September 2013

More Art Journaling

You know how it is when something new comes through and you are riding a wave? I have been feeling more art journal inspiration this week. I am excited about trying out new ways of working, partly caused by my new repurposed art journal.

One idea was inspired by my blog friend and wonderful artist, Lynne Hoppe. She works a lot in repurposed books and we were having a little email conversation about her methods. She does amazing paintings of faces and magical little figures in her books. During our conversation a kind of light went on. Why do I always feel like I have to collage over painted backgrounds, why not painting images?
Unfinished acrylic painting of a woman and a raccoon
Unfinished(?) painting in my repurposed art journal
My training and experience is in oil painting and I haven't done much painting with acrylics so it feels pretty awkward. But what better place to practice and experiment than in my art journal?

repurposing an old art journal
Here is pretty much how I am approaching the repurposing. I usually gesso over most of the page, leaving any bits that I like. After the gesso is dry, I add some matt medium over the exposed pieces so that the paint I add later doesn't soak into the writing or drawings. 

I have been working in my square art journal as well. I am leaving pages unpainted for spontaneous drawings. I call them stream-of-consciousness drawings because I usually just start drawing, not knowing what I am going to draw.

ink drawing of an angel with fish behind her
Stream-of-consciousness drawing
I quite liked this sad little angel. I am not certain that she is an angel, I am just assuming because of the wings. A few people on facebook found her dreamy rather than sad, but I kind of think something bad happened to her.

ink and watercolour drawing of an angel with fish behind her
Wounded Angel
I then went ahead and painted the background in around her and coloured her with inktense pencils. What do you think? Should I have left her just in black and white?

There is more journaling in process, but I might just leave you the photo I took of this poor magpie on our day at the beach. The magpie was okay, but it looked for a moment like he had a fight coming up over the bread crust we gave him.

photo of a magpie being bullied by 4 Ibis for his crumb
Ibis bully gang
Don't the Ibis look like a gang of bullies? 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My New-Old Repurposed Art Journal

I began an experiment last week, repurposing an old art journal.

I have seen a few old books repurposed to be used as an art journal and have always thought it was very cool. I altered a board book years ago, but obviously a regular book is different again. Usually people glue the pages together in groups of 2-4, depending upon their thickness. All that gluing was making me hesitate.
A4 sketch book
As I was sitting at my computer desk, where I do most of my art journaling, when I noticed my old 2011 experimental journal that I never completed. Most of the pages are pretty plain. I was trying out stream-of-consciousness drawing for the first time and well, most things don't look very impressive the first time you do them.

(If you want to read more about stream-of-cosciousness drawing and my second attempt, go here. It is a post about a booklet I sewed up especially for the drawings and my beginning. I think I want to make a little video of how that booklet turned out. It was pretty cute, and a bit of a surprise.)

Then I had the thought, what about using my old A4 art journal to repurpose? I have been working in a 20cm (8") square journal for the past year, I wouldn't mind bringing an A4 (12"x8") into the mix again.

drawing of a man and a dog walking
Art Journal spread in Process

I began to change things up by painting over some of the old pages with the old drawings. Mostly I have kept the drawings, but with paint over and around.

art journal background
Art Journal pages in progress
Sometimes I pasted down some writing I had cut out of one of my notebooks before I painted. If you want to see more about the process of the spread above it is in my earlier post.

old art journal pages

Here you can see how plain the pages were to start with. No backgrounds, no paint. Just writing and pen drawings with some colour.

art journal pages
Repurposed art journal pages

Here is the spread that I finished. It isn't that it's some amazing art journal spread or anything; I don't really judge my art journal pages anyway. For me it about the experience of seeing how to change it up and what happens. 

Art Journal pages in progress

Here you can get some idea of what it looked like before. It was just writing all around the drawing. Obviously I have already started painting it in the photo.

Here was what I wrote in the journal when I first began in 2011. It was experimental then, and it is experimental now. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Loving These Very Simple Art Journal Pages

I find the lovely simple look of Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd's art journal pages inspiring. She calls it her little scraps journal. Beautiful.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lots of Art Journaling this Week

I have been reentering my art journaling lately. I regularly art journal, but sometimes I have a renewal in interest and I journal much more.
Part of my renewal has to do with more writing directly into my art journal. Sometimes I want to write stuff just to get it out but don't necessarily want to read it later. Or I don't care if I can read some insight I or a friend might have had, but I want to know it is in there - somewhere.

With this in mind I have been playing a bit with how to reveal and conceal my writing. This is one experiment where I really liked the outcome:
gessoing to create a background in my art journal
art journal background 
I had written a lot on this page and now was ready to move into making it a background. Often I gesso over writing, but this time I didn't want to necessarily cover it all up. So I used a masking technique with these letters, gessoing around them.

After the gesso was dry, I brushed some matt medium over the ungessoed bits so they wouldn't soak up all the paint and get too dark.

keeping some writing in my art journal background
art journal background made with gesso resist
I applied a few layers of colour. The next stage for this spread will be collaging.

gesso in an art journal
More gesso resist with matt medium 
Here is another one. Just showing you because I am excited about the new technique.

red art journal background
more gesso resist background
This time in reds. 

And yet more art journaling. One of my students has been using an old book for her art journaling. She glues the pages together and then gessos them, sometimes leaving bits ungessoed. I find the way it looks very exciting. I have wanted to do it, but wasn't enthusiastic about all the gluing before I could begin.

I have had this old A4 art journal on my desk for a while. I started it in '11 and was only using it for stream-of-consciousness drawing and diary entries. It was an experiment. I filled it about 1/2 full and lost interest. There are some good drawings later on, but most of the pages I don't care about.

I had the thought, it could be my repurposed art journal. So I glued down some more recent writing I had done in a notebook. Then I got out the paints and my background stamps.

apologies for the fuzzy photo.

 I did some dot stamping with gesso and then put down a coat of a new yellow, Hansa Light, that I bought last week. 

I added cadmium red and stamped a bit more with the red. 

art journal spread background
altering my old art journal spread
I wanted to tone down all the red. After I added the Payne's Grey I liked it better. I might go back in and strengthen some of the drawing, probably the top pig. We will see.

unfinished flower drawing

I started a drawing of this flower that I picked up on my morning walk, I don't know what it is. I brought in another one from my walk the next day, but they didn't look enough alike so I never finished it. I had to decide to just let it be a study.

I haven't done a lot of refashioning this week. Some hand-stitching but no progress really worth showing. I think I have finally figured out what my sewing mannequin is for. It really works to adjust sizing. I mean of course, but I just didn't trust it somehow. This shirt was huge when I thrifted it and I have been slowly cutting it down and pinning in new darts. Fingers crossed, I could really use some light woven tops for summer.

Here it the shirt when I bought it about a year ago. 

I will finish off with my artist date with my friend on Monday. It was a wintery day, probably the last as we go into spring. The first rain we have had in 6 weeks. 

The light was beautiful. I loved the colour of the ocean. I was fantasising about being able to photograph a model half in the water in that light. I don't imagine the model would be too thrilled though - it was cold.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Postcard Drawing, More Scenes for Mermaids and Dyeing Some Clothes

the Pass, Byron Bay
I am still looking at scenes for the possible new series. This is another possibility. Can't you see a mermaid or two around these rocks? What attracts me is the sense of in-between. To me, the rocks framing the sea looks like a kind of threshold or gateway into another realm.

More inspiration. The little molluscs were sticking their necks/heads (?) in and out. I took pity on the little guy and threw him into the sea. I was afraid he would dry out. Who knows if I did him a good deed or if he preferred to stay where he was. 

drawing of a house on a floating island
unfinished stream of consciousness drawing
I went a bit further with the stream-of-consciousness drawing in my art journal (that is what I call it when the drawing is unplanned and I don't know what I am drawing but just see what comes out). If you want to see the earlier version go here.

art journal page with woman and birds
unfinished art journal page with collage
Here is another spread in my art journal. I am quite happy with how this one is going (it isn't finished). I like it so much it might be difficult to finish it for fear of messing it up. Always a danger - the fear stopping you.

dyed bed sheet, 3/4 pants and vest
I didn't get a lot of refashioning done this week. Saturday I dyed this old sheet, some thrifted linen 3/4 pants and a faded black vest. I only had black dye but wanted everything to be grey so I just put more stuff in the pot. The colour is what I wanted.

But there were a few problems. The bed sheet had stains which got a lot worse with the dye. Not a biggie as I can cut around them. I might use the sheet to make a skirt.

Dyed linen thrifted 3/4 pants
The pants were a bit more disappointing. I always forget that the dye doesn't work on the polyester thread. As you can see, the zipper and thread has stayed white. It actually shows up more than in the photo. Yuck. 

The wallabies have been all over the place. Spring is in the air. Not a great photo but I wanted to get you into the mood for the drawing that I finished.

unfinished drawing of animals in the back garden
drawing in progress

It is the one I showed you in my last post. It is for a local show called 'Up and Down the Town' and all the artwork has a size limit of 13cm x 18cm. Above it is a little further along than when you saw it last.

pen and watercolour drawing of animals in the yard
"Back Door to the Studio" by Zom Osborne
And here it is finished. It is basically the size that you see it. The subject is a play on portraying my neighbourhood. Some days my neighbourhood is pretty small as the furthest I go is between the house and the studio. But I still have lots of company, as you can see.

I went to life drawing again this week. The model was inexperienced and had a hard time holding a pose. But I still enjoyed drawing her.

She had a great face. I wish I had had time to finish the portrait.

I will finish off where I started. Monday was beautiful but so windy that I didn't stay long. The hills in the distance are where I live.