Saturday, 1 February 2014

My Apologies and a New Blog

First my gratitude and apologies to any reader that might still be following this blog. I have neglected you terribly.

I have what I hope is a good reason. I have been making a new website, and with that a new blog.

It is different from this blog. It is my artist blog talking about my practice as a visual artist.

Pinchmetoseeifyouaredreaming started as a timid experiment. The truth is that I began it using a fake name in 2008. A few months along I revealed myself and at almost the same time became enamoured with art journaling. I think that is mostly what this blog owes what minor popularity it had to. I was writing about art journaling in the beginning before there were many blogs on the subject.

In 2009 I began teaching art journaling. Not online (though I did try that out) but in realtime near the small town in Australia where I live. I am still teaching a regular weekly class. Slowly over time, the art journaling posts became less, especially the tutorials.

In 2010 I started refashioning and bringing what I was experimenting with into the blog.

I also wrote about creativity and some about my practice as an artist. I mostly reserved this place for my experimental work, art journaling and refashioning. I found myself at that point disinclined to share a lot about being a professional artist.

And that perhaps is what has changed. I have a beautiful new website that I am proud of and I want to share it and my artist blog (under journal on the site). I am also selling my art over the internet. Things have changed in the art world and I am happy to change too.

(I couldn't get the entire website into the screenshot, sorry.)

I am surprised if there is anyone left reading this. If there is, thank you for your friendship and interest over the years. I hope you will follow me to my new artist blog but if you would rather not, I understand. Either way I wish you much joy and creativity and maybe we will meet again in the now large world of creative blogs on the internet.


Unknown said...

Dear dom I have indeed been missing you and will pop over to your new spot soon.
Best wishes as always

Anita said...

I found your blog last year--look forward to reading the new one. I'm glad that you dropped by here to let your readers know of your move.

Zom said...

Thanks Anita for being willing to follow me over.